Perfect bacon sandwich


Ok, stay with me. This is related to organic cotton clothes and all things Frugi…honest.


I had the most amazing bacon sandwich this morning. It was made with local, organically produced, bacon, organic bread baked here at Gear Farm, and topped with one of the Frugi chicken’s organic eggs.

Quality ingredients assembled with care.

Ok, the analogy is there. We try and make Frugi like my bacon sandwich.

Happy munching


2 thoughts on “Perfect bacon sandwich”

  1. Here you go…..

    The Primrose Herd is situated within the World Heritage site near St Day in Cornwall. We have a pedigree breeding herd of Gloucestershire Old Spots and Large Blacks and you will find us showing the best examples of the breed at County Shows each summer.

    We also purchase stock to finish from other like minded farmers and we are therefore also able to offer pork and bacon from British Saddlebacks, British Lops and Welsh. These traditional breeds, especially the British Lop and Large Black are still very vulnerable and by offering a guaranteed market for the progeny it allows breeders to keep the very best for showing or to sell on to other breeders.

    We have been breeding pigs for over 10 years and retailing the meat since 1997 at Farmers Markets and selected shops. We have recently opened our own farm shop.

    We use no artificial fertilsers or chemicals on our land and our pigs enjoy a healthy life without the need for drugs or other growth promoters. They are slaughtered locally and butchered on licensed premises.

    You can enjoy a wide variety of pork products including joints with proper crackling, juicy sausages, a complete range of pork products plus the increasingly hard to source Cornish Hogs Pudding.

    Primrose Cottage

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