Frugi winter collection almost ready

See the frugi warehouse boys - they're so handsome!
See the frugi warehouse boys - they're so handsome!
Mark and Derek have been busy little Frugi bunnies this week, unpacking our Autum / Winter collection and getting it ready for the new season. They’ve been quite chirpy about it, popping in and out and wheeling boxes about Frugi towers quite merrily. Mark especially seems to have a bounce in his step. We’ve been calling him ‘Black beauty’ this week, because he’s a dark horse šŸ˜‰
So, the stock in on the shelves and the catalogue is at the printers. Watch this space and keep checking your inbox for when you can order…not long now.
Don’t forget that we still have some bits and bobs from our summer collection still available. It’s been our most successful season ever, so there’s not much left. Go grab a bargain in the Frugi summer sale
Even more news
The Frugi chicks have been moved from Kurt and Lucy’s house to a custom built coup (Thanks Kurt’s dad) and run (Thanks Kurt) up in the mainĀ chicken enclosure. Will get some pics. up after the weekend so you can see how they’ve grown. (We’re all feeling like very proud parents, even though they do poo quite a bit though!).
Cheers for now
Team Frugi

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