Dot to Dot Tights

Girl wearing Frugi dot to dot tights
Girl wearing Frugi dot to dot tights

 Having not purchased Frugi tightsbefore I was amazed at how soft and stretcy these are.  They fitted over my daughters cloth nappy much easier than other brands of  tights and they felt so much softer too.

As tights are in direct contact with the skin, the fact they are organic is a big plus.   The quality of these tight is very high and I can’t believe the difference between these and our usual brand. Frugi  tights are so much softer!

These looked great with the Flutterby dress and where set to be worn and worn again, however we have a bog hold in them.  Not sure how, I think they have just  got snagged on something.

I’m a bit sad that these  can no longer we worn,  but will order another pair as soon as a get chance.   

(Just been looking to order a new set and noticed that 2-3 is the smallest size.  ( I was sure the pair we where sent where 18 -24 months – have a missed something?)

 Review by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

(Girls tights here 2-6yrs, baby girls tights here 0-2yrs)

Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket

Wilf in his Reversible horizon hooded frugi jacket
Wilf in his Reversible horizon hooded frugi jacket


I cannot tell a lie. This hooded jacket wasn’t on my ‘most-wanted’ list the first time I flicked through Frugi’s Autumn collection. However,  I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and Manny’s barely been out of it!

First thing that surprised me is how substantial a jacket it is. This isn’t a cardy-with-a-hood; it’s thick, warm and snuggly. Perfect for these days where the weather is difinitely on the turn. With a hat and scarf it’s more than enough to keep a fast-moving toddler warm on a dry day in the park.

The colours are great – between the reversible grey and blue and the brightly striped cuffs and trim it goes with almost anything Manny wears.  Both sides, whether organic sherpa fleece or organic jersey are super-soft and, as always with Frugi, have remained so after washing. Both sides have pockets, perfect for conkers (and one or two as yet unidentified souvenirs from the park). 

I’m also particulaly appreciative of the zip. Having cerebral palsy and poor mobility in one hand, the chunky sized zip and smooth motion makes it easy to fasten, even on a two year old revving up for a dash to the roundabouts. It’s also perfect for little fingers  – Manny now enjoys pulling up his own zip!

This jacket really is great.  I would recommend it and know of at least one wee cousin who could well be getting one for his birthday!

By G. Baker

Frugi customer and crusader

Frugi win GOLD for our Diva Dress in Practical Parenting awards

Amazing News!!!  We’ve won GOLD for the Diva Dress in Practical Parenting Magazines’ awards…!!!  Yipppeee!  It will be featured in Nov’s magazine…
We’re all pretty chuffed that one of our Frugi mother items has won an award. It’s a great endorsement, and I’m sure that you’ll all be hearing more about it in the coming weeks.


And it's gold for Frugi
And it's gold for Frugi

Lovebird Layered Top, Eco Denim Skirt and Dot to Dot Tights

Reviewed by Annabel G – Frugi Crusader

Lovebird Top & Denim SkirtThese items were a very good choice for me because as pretty as they are, they are not things I would have chosen myself.

I confess that the t-shirt isn’t really to my taste, as I tend to shy away from something so full on pink and I tend to go for applique designs rather than prints. I was very pleased to see the popper fastening on the shoulders. Eliza’s head was 91st centile at birth and has been ever since and I struggle sometimes to get tops in her size over her head and it is rare to find tops with popper or button neck fastenings in the older age bracket.

Eliza my 3 year old loved this top right away and couldn’t wait to wear it and I can now totally understand the comment on the item description page of the website that all the little girls on the photoshoot wanted to wear it! Eliza calls it her “chicksy bird” t shirt and has specifically asked to wear it on a few occasions. I have to say that it has grown on me and there is no denying the quality: the feel of the cotton, the softness and the thickness, are excellent and I can see that this will be a very functional winter t shirt. I like the contrasting sleeves. Eliza always manages to get the cuffs of her t shirt mucky and the dark colour will help to disguise this! It’s been washed twice already and has come out well: the colours have stayed true as has the shape. I was worried about the print cracking or flaking, as can happen with cheaper tops, but that’s not the case here, it has remained intact so far.

The first thing that struck me about the eco denim skirt was that the denim felt very good quality, like the shape would hold its old rather than being flimsy. It looks very cute when worn, the ruffled layer really accentuates the too cute toddler bustling motion! I appreciated the soft jersey lined waistband though I wish that there were more adjustbility to cinch the waist in a bit as it does tend to twist round a bit when worn.  As expected, it washes very well and though it looked wonderfully pressed when it was new out of the packet, I don’t think that it suffers for not having an iron over it out of the washing machine: just shake it out well and hang it smoothly and it’s fine.

TightsThe tights are lovely. They feel incredibly soft. I very rarely find a pair of tights that don’t end up with a ‘Nora Batty’ effect by the end of the day but these held up well. They wash well too, they’ve been worn and washed twice so far and still look excellent – by now many cheaper pairs are already horribly pilled.

All in all I think this is a very pretty highly functional winter outfit that is pleasing for both mother and daughter.

Animo Camo Combats

A Mini Review by Maria B – Frugi Crusader

Animo Camo CombatsI have these combats for my 5-year old son and the first thing you notice about them is the outstanding quality of the material – perfect for adventurous boys! Great for winter as they have a lovely soft lining. Easily adjustable too, with plenty of room for movement. A big hit straight away!

Howl Layered Top 2-3yrs

Reviewed by Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Howl Layered TopAs expected from Frugi, this top is made from the softest, loveliest organic cotton which is just lovely against my son’s skin. The layering design of the top with the contrasting blues is very fashionable for little boys and  (whilst not my favourite Frugi design) it is unique – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wolf design on a toddler top before. My son has been practising his howl whilst wearing it! Goes really well with the Timber Cord Cargos and jeans. It fits my just 2 year old son quite well – slightly long in the arm, but not necessary to fold up the arms.

Timber Cord Cargos (Nightshadow Blue)

Reviewed by Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Timber Cord CargosThese are a really soft cord with lovely contrasting blue jersey lining which look great as turn-ups. My son seemed very happy to wear them and was pleased with all the pockets – plenty of places for hiding conkers and stones…

I like the fact that there is an adjustable elasticated waist, but my only quibble would be that the button (quite stiff at first) and zip are not the most toddler friendly when potty training.

I have a pair of Frugi cords from last autumn/winter in the same size which (whilst lovely to look at) attracted the fluff quite badly. The Timber Cord Cargos are a GREAT improvement in the fluff department and I didn’t see one bit stuck to them at all.

Blue Ripple Snuggle Fleece

Reviewed by Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Blue Ripple Snuggle FleeceThis is just gorgeous. My son couldn’t wait to try it on and then after a trip out he refused to take it off when we got home. Next day he wore it to his gym class and had a bit of a tantrum when I told him he had to take it off as he would be too hot wearing it during gym! So it’s a success in his eyes.

Wearing it with the stripes facing out he looks very stylish and it goes so well with the blue Timber Cord Cargos – any blue infact. Wearing it the fleece side out he looks just like a teddy bear! As my son is only just 2 (although a big 2) the top is a little bit big still at the top (the popper section seems to come up quite high on his neck, under his chin and I have to turn the sleeves up a bit, but then this just means we have lots of growing room during autumn and winter. Not had cause to wash it yet, so will report back on that later.

Mr Fox Dungarees & Truck Top

Reviewed by Libby H – Frugi Crusader

Very initial impressions:

Mr Fox DungareesMy Frugi package arrived yesterday evening & I was very excited by it! When I ripped it open, I was really interested to see the clothes inside. They seemed a very clever choice for me – things that I wouldn’t have ordered myself, but ones that I was very curious to test drive. I adore dungarees on babies, and had reluctantly left the Frugi ones this season as I’m not terribly fond of denim on small babies, and because I wasn’t sure I liked the design. But as they (and the matching stripy top) had literally landed in my lap, I was really pleased with the chance to try them out properly.

Slightly more detailed initial impressions:

After the kids had gone to bed, I had a chance to open the packages and have a closer look. I liked what I saw of the dungarees – fully lined so very soft all over, and nicely adjustable as E grows, with 3 different buttons at the top, and the stripy turn ups at the bottom.

First wear:

E’s top and dungarees went on fine, although having to undo/do up the side buttons to get him in was a bit of a pain – I’m used to poppers on baby dungarees. E is 6 1/2 months old, but pretty big with it – he’s in 9-12 month clothes already and I’ve bought most of his winter gear in 12-18 months as I want to get more than a couple of months wear out of it. So I was quite surprised when the top and dungarees in 6-12 months came up so big on him. The shoulder straps are done up on the tightest button, and I can just about get a turn up on the legs – so the length is about what I’d expect – but they seem so wide. I’m fully prepared to accept that Frugi bottoms will always look big on my kids as we don’t use clothies (gasp) but they really do seem big all over – the shoulders of the top come out quite wide (although strangely the sleeves aren’t too long) and the overall effect is pretty bulky.

Truck TopBecause the dungarees are lined in the stripy fabric all the way through, there are bits of it visible down the sides. I’ve got to say that with the stripy top as well, I found it a little bit much – I might try them with a different top next time. E does seem very comfortable in the outfit – doing lots of his lunging/sitting/diving/rolling/wriggling. And I’m impressed with the poppers on the legs – in some clothes they make the fabric really gape, but these are done so well that I wasn’t sure there were poppers there until I checked – and they don’t affect the turn up on the bottom at all.

A good all purpose outfit though – he could wear it for most non-formal occasions and in most weathers – I could put a short sleeved t-shirt under the dungarees if it’s hot, or a jumper if it’s cold. And I should think the top will get some use separately as well.

So the jury is definitely still out on the outfit at the moment. I really wanted to LOVE it, and I don’t yet, but I’m not ruling it out as I use them.