Blue Ripple Snuggle Fleece

Reviewed by Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Blue Ripple Snuggle FleeceThis is just gorgeous. My son couldn’t wait to try it on and then after a trip out he refused to take it off when we got home. Next day he wore it to his gym class and had a bit of a tantrum when I told him he had to take it off as he would be too hot wearing it during gym! So it’s a success in his eyes.

Wearing it with the stripes facing out he looks very stylish and it goes so well with the blue Timber Cord Cargos – any blue infact. Wearing it the fleece side out he looks just like a teddy bear! As my son is only just 2 (although a big 2) the top is a little bit big still at the top (the popper section seems to come up quite high on his neck, under his chin and I have to turn the sleeves up a bit, but then this just means we have lots of growing room during autumn and winter. Not had cause to wash it yet, so will report back on that later.

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