Eco-Denim Boys Trousers

A mini review by Anna S РFrugi Crusader

Eco-Denim TrousersThese are set to be the most popular item for my son this year! They are soft and flexible with great buckle detailing on the back. The waistband is elasticated and lined with cotton jersey making them comfortable to wear (and easy to get on and off). They are hugely versatile, matching everything in his wardrobe, another great from Frugi!

1 thought on “Eco-Denim Boys Trousers”

  1. It’s been a long wait but worth it, finally my son has a pair of jeans that he likes and will wear! I refused to put him as a babe in tough, cardboard-like denim solely for reasons of “fashion” and so the years went by without a pair of jeans in sight. Now at the grand old age of 4 I thought he might appreciate some trendy dark denim trews like Daddy and, although first reluctant, he is now proudly wearing them whenever they are clean (and sometimes when they are not!). The buckle does sometimes come undone and can droop to levels where sitting on it is a problem, apart from that the waist lining is soft and comfy and the denim is thin and soft enough to be “unnoticeable” to the average boy. Which, if you know anything about the undressing habits of toddlers, you might appreciate!

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