Knitted Swing Cardigan Review

Frugi organic swing cardi
Frugi organic swing cardi

We received our parcel a few weeks ago and  the moment I opened it the swing cardigan was a big hit with my three and a half year old.   She just loves the bright colour (Fuchsia) and the large buttons make it perfect for the “I can do it myself” moments  – off which we have many.

My daughter has hardly taken this cardigan off since it arrived.  She is the only child in her Nursery class who chooses not to wear school uniform and I love the fact that this cardigan really means that she looks smart yet still stands out from the crowds.   It’s also lovely and warm (it’s suddenly become quite cold up here in the lakes) and it’s fantastic to have a warm item of clothing that she is so keen to put on.

The bright colour also comes in really useful when I need to spot her in a crowd such as at a playground etc or when she runs to the other side of a field and the speed of light.   I found it really easy to keep track of the bight pink girl at the park today.

The Cardigan feels really well made, the wool is soft and I have no fears about it losing its shape or becoming bobbly.  It’s been washed a few times now and still looks as good as new. 

All in all – Fantastic.  My daughter firm favourite of the year and as its so cute  and practical  that I’m  delighted too.

 Thank You.

Reviewed by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

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