Paw Paw Layered Top

Paw Paw TopI absolutey love this top! I’m a big fan of the layered look anyway and frequently use Frugi’s gorgeous long-sleeved vests with Frugi t-shirts to get the layered look. But this top does it all! The colours are a great mix of muted tones with bright stripes of green which means you can match it with almost anything (although it’s perfect with the Timber Cord Cargos in Charcoal). The paw -print motif at the shoulder is such a cute addition and the kind of detail that makes Frugi clothes stand out. The fabric is wonderfully warm and soft despite many, many washes and still looks as is if it has just fallen out of it’s wrapper – no bobbling or signs of wear. Practical too – one quick shake before it goes over the drying rail and it’s ready to wear with no need for the iron to make an appearance. And if that’s not a plus I don’t know what is!

I can highly recommend this top. Manny has had loads of compliments  – paired with the Timber Cord Cargos, my boy is looking fine!

Reviewed by Guinni B – Frugi Crusader

Blue Ripple Footed Leggings

Baby LeggingsUntil now I’ve tended to avoid velour baby clothes, despite how snuggly they look, as the fabric almost always seems to contain polyester or other man-made fibres.  I’m fussy about sticking to 100% cotton (preferably organic) for my rugrats, so I was especially delighted by these leggings which are Frugi’s standard 100% organic cotton AND lovely snuggly velour!
In terms of cut, they’re easily roomy enough to fit over a bulky cloth bottom but don’t look too baggy over eco-disposables either.  The waistband is nice and high, and the feet mean I don’t have to keep replacing lost socks – winner!
These leggings look great with the Tractor Applique Envelope Top.
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Tractor Applique Envelope Top

Lovely thick organic cotton makes this topTractor Top a standout for me – it’s much thicker than your average t-shirt, so great for chilly Autumn or Winter days.  The envelope neck makes it easy to get over my baby’s head without tears and screaming (from me or him!)
The tractor applique is a striking addition, and unlike other applique tops I’ve owned in the past (not Frugi ones), the applique is stitched on firmly and doesn’t unravel or pull off.  
Overall it’s a great little top, and I’m going to be tempted to buy it again in the next size up when this one is grown out of!
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Bike Track Lined Canvas Trousers

Bike Track TrousersThese are some seriously tough trousers!  The organic canvas outer is made to last… and last, and last, and last…  The trousers are saved from being uncomfortably stiff by the lovely soft jersey lining, which also makes them extremely warm.
There are loads of pockets, which my son loves to fill with treasures – this can be a hazard at laundry time if I don’t check carefully! – and the waistband is also jersey lined, so he finds them nice and comfy.  I love the tyre track detailing on the back as well, it makes a very funky feature.
Given that these tough trousers are going to be grown out of rather than worn out, it would be great if there was some way of cuffing them or rolling them up so that we could buy them longer and get some extra use out of them.
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Mountain Biker Applique Top

Mountain Biker TopThis top is such a great colour!  Forgive me for saying it, but as the mum of two boys I get ever so bored with only ever having blue or brown clothes in their wardrobes.  A lovely bright red really stands out while still being boyish.  The mountain bike applique is a really neat design, and it’s made more striking by being off-centre, a feature I really like.  Once again the fabric is unusually thick organic cotton, which means it’s perfect for chilly days.
I dress my son in this top every time we go to a very crowded playgroup on Wednesday mornings – the colour means I can always spot him amongst 50 other toddlers, and I get so many compliments on it from the other mums.
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Polka Pink Reversible Hoody

Polka Pink HoodyIt’s true – two tops in one! Both the plain and spotty sides of this hoody are pretty and original, and with two thick layers of cotton this top is lovely and warm. This top matches the Amazing Grape pull-ups (which I also love), but I prefer to team it with the Eco-Denim trousers.
One thing to look out for – both sides have proper pockets, so check all four for ‘treasure’ before popping in the wash!
Reviewed by Lois L – Frugi Crusader

Flutterby Top

Flutterby TopAnother beautiful t-shirt with an incredibly generous applique design. The soft blue-grey colour really suits my little girl and matches well with all her other Frugi clobber. I was a little worried the first time it came out of the washing machine – the applique design had puckered the t-shirt up, but after a gentle iron it was back to as-new quality.
Reviewed By Lois L – Frugi Crusader

Reversible Tracker Cord Coat and Tracker Hat

Tracker Coat & HatI’ve had these items for a while now but it’s only in the last couple of weeks with the change in the weather that I’ve been able to get use out of them (actually, it’s still too warm for the snuggly hat but it has been modelled at home).

I initially had to return the coat for a larger size, as I found it came up on the small side. I think this is well worth mentioning as my son is small-average size and normally I find Frugi sizes very generous. I really like the shade of blue of these items, so much more appealling and unusual than the typical navy or baby blue that so many baby boys’ items are made from and the lining is a very fresh bright contrast. The cord and the ‘lining’ are super soft. The popper fastening is unusual as normally you find zips or buttons on coats. The poppers are faster to fasten as they are less fiddly than buttons (a thoughtful touch as chilled winter fingers aren’t the most dextrous) and from an aesthetic point of view, I think they look nicer than a zip.  While it is true that in terms of labels and fastening etc the garment is truly reversible, I’m not sure that I would ever use the fleecy side outermost, not least because it is such a light colour. It looks wonderful, but practically speaking, I can’t help but think it’s not the best choice of colour, especially if this side of the garment is to have any wear at all in its own right. On its first occasion of proper wear, within about half an hour it had fallen victim to snack time dribbles and these were very noticeable.  Thank Goodness it washes beautifully!

The hat is adorable, I really like the style, the ear flaps are highly functional and fit properly rather than just being for appearance and I appreciate the fact that there is a choice of popper setting on the chin strap. One thing that really could have elevated this hat in my estimation is if the peaked flap had a popper fastening to the body of the hat so that it could be functional, rather than stitched in place and decorative.  Again, I find the sizing on this hat on the small side.

Reviewed by Annabel G – Frugi Crusader

Frugi boys – great wash and wear clothes

Just another post to add that a few weeks on since receiving the Timber Cord Cargos, Howl Layered Top and Blue Ripple Snuggle Fleece, they have washed (and tumbled dried on the odd occasion) so well. The cords seemed to shrink slightly, but now seem to be a great length with turn ups still showing. The snuggle fleece is a favourite and it’s hard to get it off my son when he’s wearing it!

Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Knitted Swing Cardigan

Knitted Swing CardiganWhat a fabulous cardigan, warm, comfy and so bright (the pink one, not sure I’d put my 1 year old in grey). I love the versatility, and everyone has commented when she’s worn this very lovely cardy – great for wrapping up warm with trousers, or equally gorgeous with a skirt or dress for going out.

Reviewed by Rachael T – Frugi Crusader