Amazing Grape Pull Ups

Frugi model in Amazing grape pull ups
Frugi model in Amazing grape pull ups


A perfect choice for a very active baby who is crawling and climbing everywhere but has not yet mastered walking! 

Soft, great quality, a good fit around the waist and very easy to get on and get off.  Because of the wide (yet comfy) bottoms I found I needed to dress my daughter in thick socks that I could pull a long way up her leg as on a colder chilly day these trousers could be a little drafty!

Reviewed by B. Struthers – Frugi customer and crusader

2 thoughts on “Amazing Grape Pull Ups”

  1. These are a great pair of trousers for my active toddler.

    They are made from really gentle cotton that still feels soft after many washes. I love the detail pattern on the waist and pocket edges.

    My little girl is a wriggler, but these trousers are really easy to dress her in even after a swim when her legs aren’t completely dry!

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