Blue Ripple Footed Leggings

Baby LeggingsUntil now I’ve tended to avoid velour baby clothes, despite how snuggly they look, as the fabric almost always seems to contain polyester or other man-made fibres.  I’m fussy about sticking to 100% cotton (preferably organic) for my rugrats, so I was especially delighted by these leggings which are Frugi’s standard 100% organic cotton AND lovely snuggly velour!
In terms of cut, they’re easily roomy enough to fit over a bulky cloth bottom but don’t look too baggy over eco-disposables either.  The waistband is nice and high, and the feet mean I don’t have to keep replacing lost socks – winner!
These leggings look great with the Tractor Applique Envelope Top.
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

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