Dizzy Dotty Smock Top

Dizzy Dotty Smock TopThis top is so lovely, the cut and fit are very feminine, which is great for my daughter who isn’t fussed on whether her outfit ‘works’ or not – she’d be in shorts and t-shirts all year if she had her way! The colour is subtle, which I love as I’m not a huge fan of pink, the organic cotton is so thick and soft, and washes very well. My only comment/criticism is we can’t pull the sleeves up very well (my daughter’s forearms are still lovely and chubby) so when it comes to eating the sleeves are in danger of being covered in the dish of the day!

Reviewed by Rachael T – Frugi Crusader

1 thought on “Dizzy Dotty Smock Top”

  1. My daughter has very bad eczema, and I’ve found this top excellent precisely because the sleeves are more fitted at the bottom than other tops in the girls’ range this season – it stops little hands reaching up the sleeves and scratching too badly. The colour goes with everything too, and the style looks lovely with trousers – making them just a little more girly even when they’re not in a traditional girly colour

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