Flutterby Top

Flutterby TopAnother beautiful t-shirt with an incredibly generous applique design. The soft blue-grey colour really suits my little girl and matches well with all her other Frugi clobber. I was a little worried the first time it came out of the washing machine – the applique design had puckered the t-shirt up, but after a gentle iron it was back to as-new quality.
Reviewed By Lois L – Frugi Crusader

1 thought on “Flutterby Top”

  1. I love this top. The applique rolls up less (and softens a little)the more it is washed (I confess I just go for the ‘tug it flat’ approach, not being the world’s greatest fan of ironing), and it looks fine.
    Babies with very sensitive skin might be better wearing a vest underneath, as Bea’s top had a bit of a scratchy bit at first on the underside where the butterfly’s body ends.
    It is SO Useful though, as it is a neutral colour, but ties in with pink, purple, blue, turquoise etc – pretty much anything in the frugi collection, and the key colours in the high street this autumn.
    I found very little size difference between this in 18-24, and two other tops in the 2-3 size, so I’d recommend if your daughter is in the first size of the girl’s range you could still give this one a go!

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