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Lobbying at Westminster
Lobbying at Westminster









We’ve just received this exciting news, via Cornwall Wildlife Trust whom we support via our 1% for the planet donations.

“Yay! Fab news for our seas and all those great animals that live in it! The long awaited Marine Bill which Cornwall Wildlife Trust have been campaigning for for simply ages, has finally been given Royal Assent, which means it has become the new Marine and Coastal Access Act. Now this may sound like yet another dull piece of legislation, but no other country in the World has successfully introduced such a piece of legislation to protect the marine environment. Of most importance to us and the Marine Strandings Network project we help to fund at Cornwall Wildlife Trust is the fact that the new Marine Act will enable Marine Conservation Zones to be designated, as well as much better marine environmental and fisheries enforcement, both of which will be fantastic new tools to help protect our marine life like the dolphins, porpoises and whales which regularly use our coastal waters.  It’s a great feeling when the effort of campaigning pays off and you achieve something worthwhile!”

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