An email from India

Hi All

We’ve just got this email from Henri, in India. She’s visiting our cotton growers and manufacturers.

During the trip they have popped in to the Orphanage that we are helping to support.

 We thought that we’d share it.


We’ve just literally come back in from the orphanage – it was amazing! we’re all really really proud to be involved even if it’s only in a small way…they’re such great kids, all learning english, going to school, and just so so sweet. Adam and the girls absolutely loved it – really inspiring, and i think we’re all a little bit overwhelmed really. wish you could have come along too…but i’m sure you’ll be over soon enough!
There were about 20 of them there, another 40 at school, college etc – two real tiny tots – a 2 and half year old boy (quite literally a quarter the size of sam) and a little 5 year old girl the same size cos she’s got growth problems – so cute though…was thinking we could smuggle them into our bags when we come home? And the older kids were really lovely, one going to college doing bio-technology bsc, another doing IT, and really good people – looking after all the younger ones etc.
H xx

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