Frugi go to Bubble London

One we made earlier
Which way?

The ‘Creative’ people in the ‘Tomorrow’ department, here at Frugi towers, have been busy little bunnies this week.

You see we’re off to a trade show, in London, and in order to compete with the ‘big boys’ we have to have a stand that looks great! Unfortunately, we can’t just write a massive cheque and get a professional firm to do this for us, so we have to do what we can.

Lauren and sewing machine
Well done Lauren, you're a sewing machine star!

Lauren has made up some lovely fluffy characters, that will be appearing in our new Spring catalogue. Henri and Nathan have been working on an amazing backdrop and the Frugi sign.

Fran and Abigail have sorted all the clothes, steamed them and got stuff ready. Mark and Derek have collected the Van, lugged boxes around and generally done ‘Man’ stuff!!

White Van Frugi woman
You're only supposed to blow the doors off!!

Dominique has been holding the fort and dealing with all consumer orders, in her usual brilliant way, and Anna has been doing a grand job with our manufacturers and sticking and glueing. Lucy has been smiling a lot!

It’s been like Blue Peter around here, and it’s been great fun.

We don’t say it enough but thank you, thank you little Frugi beings.

It is a pleasure to be working alongside such bright, talented, enthusiastic and motivated people.


Frugi, Jamie Oliver and 15 Cornwall

Hey, our Anna is a TV celeb!!

We had the cameras over to talk about our partnership with Jamie Oliver’s 15 Cornwall restaurant.

(We’ve done a great range of organic t-shirts and an apron with them)

Anna did the talking, and we all tried to act natural and keep the noise down.

Catch Anna before she does a ‘Britian’s got talent’ on us and starts saying, “Daaaarling” alot and calling for her “People”.

Click HERE to see her shine.

Cornwall Marine strandings update

An update from the Cornwall marine Strandings network.

We have now calculated the total numbers of animals washed ashore around Cornwall during 2009, and it is both good and bad news. The bad being that volunteers from Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Strandings Network, which is supported by Frugi through the 1% For the Planet scheme, recorded 74 stranded dolphins, whales and porpoises in 2009. The good is that this is a lower figure than in previous years, the all time high being 255 animals in 2003. Among the animals recorded were two bottlenose dolphins. These are the most familiar dolphins and are the favourites of adults and children alike. Sadly, the number of bottlenose dolphins around Cornwall is decreasing steadily and we’re worried about their future. We don’t yet know what impact this is having on the dolphin families, as these dolphins have a very sophisticated social structure with strong bonds between family members. These close ties enable important knowledge to be passed from mothers to calves and the loss of even one member of the group can be strongly felt. With Frugi’s help we will carry on monitoring these lovely dolphins and keep up the pressure to protect them. Thanks Frugi, for making this possible. We really appreciate your support!

Busy little Frugi bunnies

Dear all

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of you’re lovely comments recently. It’s been bonkers busy here at Frugi towers this week, trying to catch up on the backlog of orders from Christmas and the new year what with the bad weather and all!

The roads are still slippery, but we’re all in and packing the parcels as fast as we can.

The sale is still on, so if you fancy a bargain!!


Frugi in the snow – thanks Fran

'ere get in me tractor, love!

A MASSIVE thank you to Francesca and her dad, for their help this week in keeping Frugi ticking over.

Yesterday, Fran was the only person in the office thanks to her dad dropping her in – in his tractor!!!

Today, he dropped Fran in and then went to collect Lucy who was snowed in at her house.

To all of our customers who are waiting for orders please be patient! We have loads of orders packed and ready to go as soon as the postman can make it through to our office. Maybe Fran’s dad can do a bit of moonlighting?

Again, thanks Fran (And her dad)

Frugi organic cotton clothes in 2009

Welcome to 2010. It’s a lovely round number isn’t it? This year will see Frugi / cut4cloth turn 6. We’ve been born, gone to pre-school, started ‘big’ school and we’re now in year 2 so to speak.

Since Lucy and I started Cut4Cloth in 2004, organic cotton clothing has emerged from the fringes to become much more widely known and appreciated. Back then we had to explain to everyone what organic cotton was. “Can you eat it?” was the standard quip. Don’t hear that much anymore.

2009 was a vintage year.

We went to India twice to see our manufacturers, meet the organic cotton farmers and explore. We sent Adam, our photographer, along on the second trip. Hopefully, when his feet touch the ground, we’ll get lots of pictures up on the blog and in the catalogue – maybe even some video of it all. (Do people still use the word ‘video’? )

We donated 10K to our two charities. PAN UK (Pesticide action network) and the Cornwall marine strandings network, via our membership to 1% for the planet

We had a brilliant sample sale and gave the proceeds to an Orphanage near to one of our manufacturers, in India.

Some great people joined us, at Frugi towers,  in 2009. We now have an assistant garment technologist, Abigail, a graphic designer, Nathan, and ‘Doris’ AKA Derek in the warehouse!

Oh, and we also sold some amazing organic cotton clothes. The best yet. Thank you to all of our customers for your support, tweets, face-book comments, blogs, chat etc. etc. It’s just brilliant to get your input.

So, to infinity and beyond! 2010 looks set for even more adventurous and exciting. The Spring stock is arriving soon, and hopefully the sun will shine upon us all.

Thank you so much everyone. No really, I mean it. It’s a blast and it really feels like we’re achieving great things!!

Here’s to the future