Cornwall Marine strandings update

An update from the Cornwall marine Strandings network.

We have now calculated the total numbers of animals washed ashore around Cornwall during 2009, and it is both good and bad news. The bad being that volunteers from Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Strandings Network, which is supported by Frugi through the 1% For the Planet scheme, recorded 74 stranded dolphins, whales and porpoises in 2009. The good is that this is a lower figure than in previous years, the all time high being 255 animals in 2003. Among the animals recorded were two bottlenose dolphins. These are the most familiar dolphins and are the favourites of adults and children alike. Sadly, the number of bottlenose dolphins around Cornwall is decreasing steadily and we’re worried about their future. We don’t yet know what impact this is having on the dolphin families, as these dolphins have a very sophisticated social structure with strong bonds between family members. These close ties enable important knowledge to be passed from mothers to calves and the loss of even one member of the group can be strongly felt. With Frugi’s help we will carry on monitoring these lovely dolphins and keep up the pressure to protect them. Thanks Frugi, for making this possible. We really appreciate your support!

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