Frugi go to Bubble London

One we made earlier
Which way?

The ‘Creative’ people in the ‘Tomorrow’ department, here at Frugi towers, have been busy little bunnies this week.

You see we’re off to a trade show, in London, and in order to compete with the ‘big boys’ we have to have a stand that looks great! Unfortunately, we can’t just write a massive cheque and get a professional firm to do this for us, so we have to do what we can.

Lauren and sewing machine
Well done Lauren, you're a sewing machine star!

Lauren has made up some lovely fluffy characters, that will be appearing in our new Spring catalogue. Henri and Nathan have been working on an amazing backdrop and the Frugi sign.

Fran and Abigail have sorted all the clothes, steamed them and got stuff ready. Mark and Derek have collected the Van, lugged boxes around and generally done ‘Man’ stuff!!

White Van Frugi woman
You're only supposed to blow the doors off!!

Dominique has been holding the fort and dealing with all consumer orders, in her usual brilliant way, and Anna has been doing a grand job with our manufacturers and sticking and glueing. Lucy has been smiling a lot!

It’s been like Blue Peter around here, and it’s been great fun.

We don’t say it enough but thank you, thank you little Frugi beings.

It is a pleasure to be working alongside such bright, talented, enthusiastic and motivated people.


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