Frugi sample sale in Gweek

Roll up, roll up, roll up – it’s that time again.

Nice to see you, to see you NICE!!!

For all of you little Frugi bargain hunters, we are having a sample sale.

And… we’ll have a professional photographer available to take pictures of any potential Frugi models (under 4’s only). Sign up on the door if you’re interested!


Gweek Village Hall (All roads lead to Gweek, but it’s near Helston)

Friday 26th March

9.30am – 12.00pm

See you there!!

 (50% of proceeds will be donated to charity)

Please bring cash!! (the credit card machine doesn’t work ‘cos there’s no reception!)

It’s going to be FANDABIEDOZIE !!!! (We love the Krankies)

Frugi organic clothes in Helston

Big Blue Frugi HQ

Blue sky over the new Frugi HQ in Helston this week.

Work is progressing brilliantly, despite a certain issue regarding a digger and a water main!

Soon we’ll all be waving from those windows, and playing on our go karts outside.

Helston will soon be the new home for our little Frugi shop as well. (We’ve had to take it down from our current office to make way for desks).

So, if you want organic cotton baby clothes in Helston we’re the boys!

Watch this space for more updates as they happen.

A whole post devoted to Kurt…on his birthday!

We love Kurt. We truly do… he’s a cheerful soul, always cracking a joke, doing a silly walk through the office (his catwalk model impression is our fave) or singing a catchy tune! He really brightens up our days…and just because we love him so much, and also because it’s his birthday today, we thought we’d dedicate this little blog post to him!

As you probably know, Kurt is Lucy’s husband, and they’re the wonderful duo behind Frugi. Lucy has always marvelled at how self assured Kurt is, especially when it comes to his “dashing good looks”. The rest of us think it’s nice to see someone so confident, but obviously we can’t quite resist teasing him a little bit…or quite a lot!

So…when we recently went on a bit of a hunt for Frugi Crusaders, we asked all the wannabe crusaders various questions which included “how handsome do you think Kurt is?” – Here are some of the answers that had us giggling away while we read through all the applications!

“Obviously Kurt is well off the scale in terms of handsomeness”  (well, we couldn’t launch straight into the low scores, could we?! It wouldn’t be fair!)

“Kurt looks a lovely chap with a great sense of fun, so I’ll have to give him a 🙂 out of 10 for being such a sport to have his photos on the emails!” Yeah, he’s definitely a good sport!

“…second photo – 2 out of 10, he looks like a mole!” Hee hee…a mole!

“How handsome is Kurt. Hmm, well I’m sure his mother thinks he’s the most gorgeous, handsome, amazing person around.”

“to avoid offending well go for a bland 8 not insulting but not too high to give him airs” (probably wise, we wouldn’t want his head getting too big!)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!! How handsome does he think he is?”  Hmm, he thinks he’s very handsome indeed!

“Accessibly rugged: 6 “

“Well on a good day he’s a handsome bit of rough! I’d give him 8, but on a bad day hummm maybe down to 4, sorry Kurt!”

“I’m loving that salt and pepper hair! Go Kurt!”

“Not sure Kurt is my cup of tea to be honest.”

“No offense Kurt.. but the name doesn’t give you justice… you are more handsome that I had imagined.  I think I should give you a well deserved 8, I am quite fond of graying hair and well that checkered shirt!!!!”

And we even had a poem which we all liked:
“Kurt, Kurt, I love your shirt
Even though you are sometimes grumpy
and as you age, things get a bit lumpy    (sorry…!!!)
you are still a pretty good looking chap,
don’t ever hide your silver hair under a cap
I’d give you nine out of ten (- you’d have only got four if you were called Ben)”

“On the Kurt front, he put up the tent for our wedding in Tehidy’s bluebell wood, and I must admit I had second thoughts as to whether I was doing the right thing!”

But this one’s our all time fave…
“well, no offense Kurt but your not my type, you actually look a little bit like my dad, so on my scale of one to ten, I would have to give you a 2.”

So…when the final results came in he got a nice average score of 8 which ain’t half bad!  Happy Birthday Kurt, you handsome chap!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

We thought it would be fun if we started a bit of “birthday blogging” so that you can all get to know the team a bit better…and it seemed a good time to kick off with that now, with Lucy’s birthday, seeing as she’s the boss and all!

So… a very, very happy birthday to Lucy!! She’s very old today! We gave her some pressies yesterday and here she is with one of the birthday cakes that we gave her (she said the candle reminded her of something…!)

Anyone who knows Lucy knows that she is a very caring person, with heaps of enthusiasm. She’s also very good at:

1. Talking & laughing very loudly
2. Telling funny stories about the dumb things Kurt has done/said
3. Running a truly fab business
4. Bringing us nice treats back when she’s been out to a meeting (chocolate brownies, doughnuts and biscuits etc).
5. Taking us to the theatre and stuff when we’re up in London for trade shows and things

On the other hand, she’s not so good at…

1. Talking quietly (in fact, this has NEVER happened. Ever.)
2. Being tidy. Her office is a complete mess – and we strongly suspect she still hides everything under the bed when she tidies her bedroom.
3. Drawing. Here’s a picture she drew of a sheep:

Scarily, she produced that work of art just yesterday, not when she was 4 years old. Thank goodness she doesn’t design the clothes!

So, that’s Lucy in a nutshell – a lot of fun, very messy and rubbish at drawing. Happy Birthday Lucy!!