Happy Birthday Lucy!

We thought it would be fun if we started a bit of “birthday blogging” so that you can all get to know the team a bit better…and it seemed a good time to kick off with that now, with Lucy’s birthday, seeing as she’s the boss and all!

So… a very, very happy birthday to Lucy!! She’s very old today! We gave her some pressies yesterday and here she is with one of the birthday cakes that we gave her (she said the candle reminded her of something…!)

Anyone who knows Lucy knows that she is a very caring person, with heaps of enthusiasm. She’s also very good at:

1. Talking & laughing very loudly
2. Telling funny stories about the dumb things Kurt has done/said
3. Running a truly fab business
4. Bringing us nice treats back when she’s been out to a meeting (chocolate brownies, doughnuts and biscuits etc).
5. Taking us to the theatre and stuff when we’re up in London for trade shows and things

On the other hand, she’s not so good at…

1. Talking quietly (in fact, this has NEVER happened. Ever.)
2. Being tidy. Her office is a complete mess – and we strongly suspect she still hides everything under the bed when she tidies her bedroom.
3. Drawing. Here’s a picture she drew of a sheep:

Scarily, she produced that work of art just yesterday, not when she was 4 years old. Thank goodness she doesn’t design the clothes!

So, that’s Lucy in a nutshell – a lot of fun, very messy and rubbish at drawing. Happy Birthday Lucy!!

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