Robot pyjamas (baby)

Reviewed by Wendy T – Frugi Crusader

I felt a bit sad when Dan finally outgrew his baby gowns, so I cheered myself up by getting him a pair of the robot pyjamas.   Dan sleeps in our bed for most of the night, so the photo is the view from my pillow in the morning.  Although I’ve always had babygrows for the other boys, it is nice to skip the poppers this time round.

The pyjamas are beautifully snuggly, with plenty of room for a big boosted night time nappy and our older boys really like the robot print on the front.  I do find that whereas I would only use a babygrow for one night and then wash it, the pyjamas get changed less frequently, making less washing, which is a clear winner (for me and the environment).   Also, Dan is a horribly early riser, but I can buy myself another ten minutes in bed by whipping the duvet off him so he can play with his own toes…..result!  Lovely, lovely PJs, thank you, Frugi.

Rose Stripe Towelling Shorts and Sunhat review

Reviewed by Sam H – Frugi Crusader

The sunhat has revolutionized hats for Imogen our 18month year old. Hats used to be an item thrown on the floor very soon after they were put on, but now she doesn’t like to go anywhere without her striped hat. It’s a good job we have a Frugi sunhat hat from last year just so her stripy one can get a wash from time to time. And she looks so cute wearing it too.

When worn with the matching stripy shorts it’s a brilliant combination, they look so good together. Both are washing well and staying brilliantly soft. I find towelling shorts on a baby brilliant as they still look good even if you’ve left the nappy change a bit long and it’s leaked a bit or She has sat in a mess on the kitchen floor, it just seems to cope with that sort of thing and still look clean.

Cornish Blue Diasy dress Cornish Blue Reversible Sunhat

Reviewed by Sam H – Frugi Crusader

Harriett (our 3 year old) loves her dress and matching hat. During it’s first day on she was getting comments from passers by on the street about how pretty she looks. It’s been perfect in the recent weather and seems to be suited both to look good at a party and equally it’s practical and hard wearing enough to be scruffing around the sand pit in. I believe the hat was for a while used to make sand castles and it’s still the shape it used to be. As is expected with Frugi the material is wonderfully soft and lovely and thick. Worn with a light Frugi cardy it’s been fantastic in this warm spring weather.

Choo Choo Cord Roll-Ups

Reviewed by Jo Jo G – Frugi Crusader

These really are ultra soft cords – even after several washes they still haven’t gone all stiff like other cord trousers can do.  I love the sweet train logo – a very nice subtle touch.  The lining makes them even more comfy, hard wearing on the knee and gives them a spring/summery feel.  With the turn up lining there is also lots of growing room – Toby will be in these for ages.  The waists’ adjustable  toggle is on the outside so no more red marks on tummy’s and easy for nappy changes.  These cords are Cut4Cloth but Toby isn’t in washable and these still fit him really well.   The smoked pearl is a great colour that works well with lots of other things.  These cords are going to very useful for wearing now and for cooler summer days.  Perfect for playing in the garden or dressing up with a shirt or the Choo Choo Applique top.

Choo Choo Applique Top

Reviewed by Jo Jo G – Frugi Crusader

I always think my little boy looks sweet but in this top he  is extra specially gorgeous.  The work in the applique is amazing and delights my toddlerand his grandfather who are both steam train fans!  The clever variety of colours means it works with lots of different bottoms, especially the frugi choo choo cord roll-ups.  The neck poppers are brilliant, no more fighting to get a top over his head and no annoying lumps/bumps to interfere with his daytime sleep.  It is a lighter weight cotton so useful throughout spring and into summer when you need to protect skin from sunburn or just on a slightly cooler day.   I have washed the top a few times now  and colour hasn’t run or faded and the cotton is still amazingly soft.  This is a really gorgeous top perfect for any special occasion or just a play in the park.

Captain Kurt T-shirt

Reviewed by Wendy T – Frugi Crusader

Ahoy there!  I feel a bit guilty reviewing this t-shirt when it’s almost sold out, but we just love it so much, I can’t resist!

I snagged one of these for Luke and he is wearing it here with his lovely canvas zip offs on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway.  It’s a lovely bright colour for summer and Captain Kurt himself makes a cheerful and non-threatening pirate print for little boys.  It’s the usual beautiful quality that you would expect from Frugi and washes and dries without needing an iron – one of my favourite things about all Frugi clothes. 🙂

Lollipop leggings

I was a bit nervous when these leggings arrived as I have so far avoided them for fear that Molly would look like a little fat sausage due to her cloth nappy. I was however very pleasently surprised that due to Frugi’s genius cut4cloth this was not the case and there was plenty of room for circulation (unfortunatly not always the case with other pull on trousers as i’ve found).

They are great for crawling in and are hard wearing yet lovely and soft to the touch in a lovely vibrant pink.

The only down side I would say is that I found the leggings to be a bit too baggy round the bottom when wearing a disposible nappy unlike all the other frugi cut4cloth trousers I have purchased in the past. I do however feel this is partly to do with the style as leggings do not generally come with a drawstring waist so is probably unavoidable.

All in all a great wardrobe staple that can be teamed with many outfits

Candy stripe tunic dress

I was really pleased when I recieved this dress through the door as it’s a lovely vibrant mix of colours with a cute flower applique that really suited Molly.

When initially trying the dress on Molly it did look a little long so as she is still crawling I thought she would not be able to wear it with out the dreaded tucking into the pants which i’m not a fan of. However amazingly she was off straight away at high speed with out crawling on the tunic once.  I don’t know if this was luck or a genius design by Frugi but I was very impressed.

The tunic washes very well and is very soft. It also looks super cute teamed with the lollipop leggings which is great for when it’s too chilly for bare legs.

Molly has mainly worn this outfit when playing in the garden/at the park but I feel it looks good enough for a more special occasion as well.

The only negative I have to say is that unfortunatly during Molly’s first wearin of the tunic I noticed the seam at the shoulder was coming apart requiring me to sew it up before she next wore it. However I feel this was in no way down to the design/style and judging by the amount of frugi clothes we already  own was no doubt an unlucky one off.

All in all a very cute wearable dress in an eye catching colour.

Why Frugi’s definitely worth it

I got a comment the other day about having expensive taste in children’s clothes and it got me thinking.   Frugi does cost more than supermarket clothes, but it’s a cost I consider worth it.

The photo of Dan on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway has him wearing the Frugi Mr Fox top from last season, with a very old pair of C4C (Cut4Cloth) trousers.  When I bought them, back in 2004,  I remember thinking I must be mad to buy cream trousers for a baby, but they seemed like a good choice for summer.  Dan is the fourth, or maybe fifth child to wear them and they still really do look fab.  They have had some adventures, notably being the trousers that Luke was wearing when he fell out of the pram on the pre-school run – I was so busy talking to a friend that I didn’t notice and ran him over with the pram in question.  He got a big tire track mark across his bum, but both he and the trousers lived to tell the tale! 

So, the clothes stand the test of time and even better, they are made from organic cotton, which is much safer for the farmers and their families who raise the crop, plus the actual clothes are ethically manufactured.  And you can’t put a price on that. 🙂

Organic baby clothes at Frugi towers Helston

Frugi towers in Helston under construction


Progress is continuing apace at our new offices and warehouse, in Helston. We all can’t wait to see the shelves loaded up with gorgeous Frugi organic cotton baby and kids clothes.

Is Helston ready for us? We’re going to have a little Frugi shop, on the ground floor, so people can pop along and buy baby clothes and meet the team.

Helston is not exactly a mecca for baby clothes – there’s a Tesco’s, but that’s not exactly selling organic cotton clothes. So, the shop is going to be quite important for us and it’ll be great to have a little more space to display things better.

Will probably be doing our next sample sale from the new build. Not sure when, but we’ll let everyone know as soon as we do.