Candy stripe tunic dress

I was really pleased when I recieved this dress through the door as it’s a lovely vibrant mix of colours with a cute flower applique that really suited Molly.

When initially trying the dress on Molly it did look a little long so as she is still crawling I thought she would not be able to wear it with out the dreaded tucking into the pants which i’m not a fan of. However amazingly she was off straight away at high speed with out crawling on the tunic once.¬† I don’t know if this was luck or a genius design by Frugi but I was very impressed.

The tunic washes very well and is very soft. It also looks super cute teamed with the lollipop leggings which is great for when it’s too chilly for bare legs.

Molly has mainly worn this outfit when playing in the garden/at the park but I feel it looks good enough for a more special occasion as well.

The only negative I have to say is that unfortunatly during Molly’s first wearin of the tunic I noticed the seam at the shoulder was coming apart requiring me to sew it up before she next wore it. However I feel this was in no way down to the design/style and judging by the amount of frugi clothes we already¬† own was no doubt an unlucky one off.

All in all a very cute wearable dress in an eye catching colour.

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