Daisy Jeans

Reviewed by Kirsten C – Frugi Crusader

I don’t know how I managed to dress my older children without Frugi trousers. I use cloth nappies with hand-knitted wool covers (they’re the best, leakproof but breathable) – and I remember I had to switch to PUL wraps around her brothers’ and her sister’s first birthday as I couldn’t find any trousers which fit over their rather bulky bum. But  it seems that Kendra can be in wool as long as she has to wear nappies – thanks to Frugi trousers like the Daisy Jeans

I just love them! They’re stylish (the embroidered daisy is adorable!) and practical, soft to the skin but at the same time tough enough to withstand my little Kendra’s crawling sprees. She’s in it ever since I got it. And every time I change her nappy I have to stop and admire the clever cut4cloth technology – it’s really not too big a word. Thanks to the fly the jeans are very easy to get on, and thanks to the waistband (such a nice pink, by the way – and I love the white-and-blue lining inside it!) they stay in place once they’re on. And, most important: they are fully adjustable to the respective kind of nappy Kendra is wearing at the moment: to rather bulky cotton diaper plus wool cover as well as to the trimly fitting pocket nappies I prefer when we’re out and about.  The only thing I was worried about at first was the button – it was difficult to get through in the beginning, but after two or three changings that wasn’t a problem anymore. Just perfect!

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