Diva Dress

Reviewed by Wendy T – Frugi Crusader

In nearly three years of breastfeeding between our first two babies, I never had a specific piece of breastfeeding clothing and didn’t really expect to need one for number three.  However, when Dan was less than three weeks old, a death in the family meant I was in need of something to wear to a funeral.   As a long-standing Frugi fan, I knew that they did nursing wear and I knew I could rely in quick delivery and fantastic quality, so I went ahead and ordered the Diva Dress in black.

As a note on sizing – three weeks postpartum doesn’t normally feel like the time to be shopping.  Prepregnancy wardrobe still too small, but maternity clothes too big and a healing c/s scar to take into account  – argh!  This is where having a dress really helped, rather than separates.

The dress is fantastically comfortable and extremely versatile.  The first outing was the funeral and wake,  where I was able to discreetly feed without flashing any elderly relatives.  I have worn it constantly since, dressed up with jewellery and dressed down with (prepregnancy, yey!) jeans.  It did sterling duty only the other week when we had some childless friends to dinner and I wanted to be able to be a bit more discreet than usual.  If only I’d been wearing it while I was nursing and surfing the web when our window cleaners arrived the other day, everyone’s blushes would have been spared!  Highly recommended addition to any nursing mother’s wardrobe.

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