Frugi Baby Gowns

by Wendy T – Frugi Crusader

I bought three of these baby gowns when I was expecting our third baby, liking the idea of not having to fiddle with poppers in the night.  I had intended to put them in the hospital bag, but had not got round to packing in when I went into labour unexpectedly at 35+5.   Our third son, Daniel, had to be delivered and taken straight to special care due to an infection. 

For the first few days, he just wore a nappy in his incubator, which gave my husband a chance to pack my bag and bring it in.  We had one false start when they said he could have some clothes on and go into a cot, but was then found to be jaundiced.  I had just manoeuvred him into a Frugi kimono-style vest when the blood test came back, so off it came and the blue lights (very technical name!) went on.     We had to stay in for another few days, because he was completing a course of antibiotics, through lines that went into his feet.  The gowns were a life saver.  Babygrows would not have fitted over the line, so one little leg would have been left out in the cold.  Dan’s main antibiotic went into the line at midnight – it was very simple for the nurses to come in, ferret his foot out and get the job done without disturbing Dan and the gown kept him snuggly and warm. 

Thanks Frugi for a great bit of design – it was one of the little things that made it all a bit easier to bear!

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