Mr Croc Jeans

Reviewed by Amy H – Frugi Crusader

I have to admit that Finn has a little bit of growing in the vertical stakes to do before we can fully appreciate these jeans but he has worn them rolled up already.  The drawstring waist is a must for us as we alternate between washable nappies and disposables when the washing load gets too much.  They fit perfectly over his washables and yet stay up over a disposable because the waist line design is so good.  The relaxed pocket design (rear view on website should show you what I mean) makes the jeans look well loved and comfy.  The crocodile on the back pocket looks just as great when worn with the matching top as with other plain tops.  One of my first Frugi purchases for Tom was a wardrobe full of bug inspired clothes. Both boys love to see creatures sneakily peeking out of pockets or crawling up hems.  It is such a good idea and makes getting dressed that little bit more interesting.  Great to see that Frugi keep bringing out new ways of keeping the boys entertained.

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