Petal Lined Cord Trousers

(Reviewed by Caroline G – Frugi Crusader)

Trousers – cord and lined. Again, lovely lovely LOVELY ! The beautiful pink lining inside is frugi super soft – perfect against the littles one’s skin. They are fantastic, good colour (tan and pink mix) and great shape but are rather large for Florence (12 months but has very short legs) at the mo I hope!  – she needs a couple of months to fit them properly. I find this with trousers at the moment – they are either too tight or too big (even roll down and she trips over them when crawling) and then all of a sudden Florence will have a slight growth spurt and all will be fine again! With crawling and climbing everywhere at the moment the fabric is perfect. Knee pads would be great too as we have loads of tumbles. I bought a pair of adjustable trousers recently and have to say what a great idea – just pulling them in either side until they fit and then thought “wow” a few months in those then.. (wish we could get them for us adults!)

The quality as ever is top notch and I have to say that Frugi is really competitive with high street prices that are not organic – and so beautifully made. I can see these moving on to dare I say it Autumn…!

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