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So, my first blog – here goes!

Hello, to all those Frugi fans.  I’m Hannah and thrilled to be a  Frugi Crusader, so I thought I would share my thoughts on some of the new Spring range of Frugi clothes for boys, well toddlers!  My model for all of these clothes was my little boy Ptolly (short for Ptolemy).  He is delighted with his new clothes and as he has just had a growth spurt  I opted for 18-24 months, for extra wear time(although the Frugi cut is pleasingly generous).  Ptolly is 16 months, a real nappy wearer, wannabe explorer, into climbing and general mischeif making!  Frugi is the perfect choice of clothes for him  – being hard wearing, cool, soft cotton and a great fit over those cloth nappies.

So what did I, or should I say we,  think of:

Leaping lamb Top, Stripy Lamb Pull-Ups and Mr Croc Reversible Hoody


The lime green Leaping Lamb Top was a real surprise. When it was in the packet I really wasn’t sure – I thought it was quite girly and too bright – what had Frugi sent me…  However when Ptolly wore it, he looked very cute and the colour was great.   It is incredible soft so great for cuddles.  So thanks Frugi for inspiring me to challenge my assumptions.

The Stripy Lamb Pull-Ups are just right for an active toddler, really helping to  faciliate his need to explore, he’s not restricted in anyway- I really like the lamb on the back pocket – co-ordinates well with the Leaping Lamb Top and when he is wearing a plain top just lifts it and stands out in a fun, cute way. I like how thick the cotton is – good when washed and dry well on the line and indoors. Drawstring top is perfect for busy mornings rushing to get everyone dressed! Good for everyday use and holidays. Oh and just thought – really quick for nappy changes, when all my little boy wants to do is roll over and go off and play and also going to be good for potty training in the summer – quick off in an emergency!
The Mr Croc Reversible Hoody is so brilliant! I love it. Good value for money as, and I’m speaking for myself and knowing what Ptolly is like, just right for the boy who gets mud/dirt/crumbs/dust on him even when inside (don’t know how he finds it!) You can simply turn it the other way and voila clean again! Would be even better if Mr Croc was on both sides – maybe doing somthing different on the grey side – perhaps poking his nose out of the pocket – very cheeky! Again – lovely, think soft cotton. Great for summer, autumn transition. Loads of wear – parties, everyday, holidays. Great to pop on after swimming or a dip in the sea and snuggle up in.
Thanks Frugi. 

So, that’s the end of my blog for now.  More will follow.  So, if you’re thinking of giving Frugi a go – do.  Yes, I know they seem expensive, however sign up to Frugi and you’ll get  discounts and offers sent through.  The clothes wear really well – his Frugi jeans from winter season are a brilliant example of this.  I have more positive comments about these than any other clothes Ptolly or I have! The clothes are ethical, softest cotton and of course fit beautifully over cloth nappies as well as disposables. 

Try it out – pick your favourite item, if you can pick just one(!) and order it.  I’ve no doubt you’ll be converted.

Bye for now.


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