Rose Stripe Towelling Shorts and Sunhat review

Reviewed by Sam H – Frugi Crusader

The sunhat has revolutionized hats for Imogen our 18month year old. Hats used to be an item thrown on the floor very soon after they were put on, but now she doesn’t like to go anywhere without her striped hat. It’s a good job we have a Frugi sunhat hat from last year just so her stripy one can get a wash from time to time. And she looks so cute wearing it too.

When worn with the matching stripy shorts it’s a brilliant combination, they look so good together. Both are washing well and staying brilliantly soft. I find towelling shorts on a baby brilliant as they still look good even if you’ve left the nappy change a bit long and it’s leaked a bit or She has sat in a mess on the kitchen floor, it just seems to cope with that sort of thing and still look clean.

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