Why Frugi’s definitely worth it

I got a comment the other day about having expensive taste in children’s clothes and it got me thinking.   Frugi does cost more than supermarket clothes, but it’s a cost I consider worth it.

The photo of Dan on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway has him wearing the Frugi Mr Fox top from last season, with a very old pair of C4C (Cut4Cloth) trousers.  When I bought them, back in 2004,  I remember thinking I must be mad to buy cream trousers for a baby, but they seemed like a good choice for summer.  Dan is the fourth, or maybe fifth child to wear them and they still really do look fab.  They have had some adventures, notably being the trousers that Luke was wearing when he fell out of the pram on the pre-school run – I was so busy talking to a friend that I didn’t notice and ran him over with the pram in question.  He got a big tire track mark across his bum, but both he and the trousers lived to tell the tale! 

So, the clothes stand the test of time and even better, they are made from organic cotton, which is much safer for the farmers and their families who raise the crop, plus the actual clothes are ethically manufactured.  And you can’t put a price on that. 🙂

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