Building the Frugi Dream


I had the most amazing meeting yesterday.

It was full of handshakes, introductions and smiles.

You see I went along to our new HQ, at Wheal Vrose Business Park in Helston,  for a meeting between the various contractors who are building it. On site were the electricians, carpenters, glaziers, builders, telephone people, our new landlord and little old me! The place was buzzing with activity. I was very impressed.

But more than that was the atmosphere. Everyone was cracking on with their work in a brilliantly positive manner. The common goal to bring the build together, on time and on budget. Our phone people were talking cabling with their new friends, the electricians. The carpenters were talking to the builders. Our new landlord was pointing at bits and bobs and asking for my thoughts. Basically, I loved it!!

It seemed to sum up everything that’s good about Frugi.  Great communication between everyone involved. (Our customers, manufacturers, staff, retailers…the list goes on..). It’s an understanding that we’re all doing this to make things just that little bit better, for everyone and, just as importantly, having fun along the way!

If there was a Devils advocate then I’m sure that they’d pour scorn upon my enthusiasm. However, who needs them?

We are moving into a great new place and I’m excited. Sure, it will be sad to leave our little barn at Gear Farm. It has served us well and we love it here. However, right from when Lucy and I started all this way back in 2004 we embraced change and actively sought new ideas and a new way of doing things. ‘New’ is not a scary word on planet Frugi! The new HQ is a big step. Not long ago Frugi, then Cut4Cloth, existed in our spare bedroom. We had one computer, a big mortgage, a baby and enough savings to last a year. If the savings ran out before any money came in then that was it – back to the day jobs!

Well we’re still here and we have a lovely spanking new building to move into.

(They’ve put a sign up with our name on it and everything)


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