We love Henri

An ode to Henri on this her 30th birthday!

We all love Henri, she’s such a wheeze
She loves her wine, her tea and her cheese.
She prides herself on her education
Her spelling, grammar and punctuation.
(As well as Outlook integration)

Her written work is stylish and chic
(She ignores the cries, from Kurt, of “Geek!”)
Conversing in French, that’s our Hen
And in German, she can ask for a pen.
And when all else have long gone home,
She’ll hold the fort and man the phone.

She’s what the Cornish call, “A beauty”
Goes way beyond the call of duty.
For the game of life, she holds the tickets
(It says on Google analytics)

Always there, with a hug, when you’re feeling low
Or a word to help with your SEO.
You never say Henri is a slacker or whinger
She’s been brought up hard (As you are, when you’re Ginger).

But something is missing. What does she lack?
She’ll tell you it’s big, athletic and black!
And one day she’ll go looking, maybe take a plane.
And come back smiling, with a gait like John Wayne!

So we wish her the best, now that she’s 30
From her Frugi Friends, Lucy and Kurty

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