Happy Birthday to Frugi!

Now We Are Six…

Six years old!! Or is that six years cheeky?!
We’ve been around for a while now, it’s a little bit freaky,
We just can’t believe how old we’ve got,
Kurt’s gone grey, but he still thinks he’s hot! 

We love Frugi, and we know you do too,
It’s amazing how much good we can do,
Over the last few years we’ve achieved quite a lot,
Kurt’s eaten lots of pasties, and still thinks he’s hot.

There are 18 of us now at Frugi HQ
And we couldn’t survive if it wasn’t for you,
You’ve helped us to grow and taught us a lot,
And some of you also think Kurt’s quite hot!

So now we are six, we’re getting quite old
And we’re wondering what the future will hold
Fun things we hope, are we excited or what?
One thing’s for sure, Kurt’ll still think he’s hot!

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