Happy Birthday Mark!

Well, Mark’s taken the week off and he’s in sunny Spain for his birthday…but we thought we’d do a bit of birthday blogging for him anyway!

Some interesting things about Mark:

1. He doesn’t like cake – we hope he’s having lots of paella and chorizo instead of birthday cake today!
2. He’s a real bookworm and can often be found hiding out in the warehouse with his nose in a book (when he’s not busy packing up lots of lovely orders of course!)
3. He’s a man of intrigue – we never know whether he’ll come into work with a beard or without.
4. He puts poems up on the wall in the loos…none of the rest of us are intelligent enough to understand them, but it makes us look clever!
5. He’s an excellent masseuse – and very popular with the Frugi ladies for this reason!
6. He has a very infectious way of guffawing!
7. He likes the word ‘guffaw’.
8. He gets cross with us when we put the wrong things in the wrong recycling bins.
9. He loves The Archers, and often reads their blog!
10. He loves toast and marmite – that’s his favourite dinner!

We all love him, and hope he’s having a very happy birthday xxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Mark!!

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