Apple Print Smock

Reviewed by Lucy J – Frugi Crusader

When the Apple Print Smock arrived in the post from Frugi I was very happy with it from the moment I took it out of the bag: it’s made from a slightly heavier cotton I think and so feels quite substantial and cosy. It’s perfect for wearing in the Autumn, either with a vest underneath on a colder day or without when it’s warmer. The colours are gorgeous too – pink but not too much of it (I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all the pink you get if you have a baby girl!) and I like that it’s slightly off white as it doesn’t show the dirt quite as quickly.

One of the best features though is the cuffs (it was actually my mother who pointed this out) because they are fitted so even though the smock is actually slightly too big for Sophie, the sleeves don’t hang down over her hands. They’re not too tight though either, plenty of room for circulation.

I’m impressed at how durable it has been so far too – it’s been washed several times and still looks brand new when I put it on her. I’ve found it goes very well with the fox dungarees as it makes sure people know she’s a little girl in these slightly boyish trousers 🙂

All in all I’m a very happy customer!

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