Froggy Jeans

Reviewed by Emma T – Frugi Crusader

I can’t hop over how fab are these Froggy Jeans.  Such a great cut (I didn’t know it was possible or necessary to flatter a four year olds legs and bottom, but they do) and so well designed, re-inforced edge at the bottom of the trouser legs, no rivets on the back pockets, just in case you slip into a pond and land heavily, wonderfully stretchy and comfortable wasit band.  Previously, I’d been wary of adjustable elasticated waists, I’d found that the material could bunch into hard lumps and the buttons looked  like they might dig into little tums (or big tums, I haven’t forgiven you maternity jeans).  Not so with these jeans; the waist band is really soft, the material gathers gently, in fact, there is so much give that my son simply pulls them up and down to get them on and off, so no button panic – Phew!  The material is also surprisingly soft and tactile, I usually prefer a jersey jogger for jumping about the garden, but these move so well, seem really durable and have washed brilliantly, which is just as well because, as we selected a bigger size (they look great rolled up), they will last.  So, despite being a great shade of blue, they are actually green.

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