Happy Days Tee

Reviewed by Emma T – Frugi Crusader

It is indeed a happy day when Roo’s head journeys from beneath the garment to the surface with no anxiety, pressure or force.  Thank you, Frugi, for this aptly-named, gorgeously soft tee, with super stretchy and ample neck hole.  Parents and guardians of the large headed salute you.  It brought as much sunshine to the daily chore of getting dressed as the funky colour did to the rest of our day.  I wasn’t certain how the bright and bold “greengage” would suit, but it looks really fine.  Roo loves to wear this and often chooses it, I think he finds it really comfortable, or it could be the “rocket” motif.  I have explained it’s a vegetable patch, and I think it is a brilliant design.  He enjoyed and agreed in part with my explanation, the rocket is now fuelled by biodiesel, and crewed by space chickens.  Radish-cal!

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