Pond Dipper Snuggle Fleece

Reviewed by Emma T – Frugi Crusader

The following is a true story….  A bit-of a Frugi devotee, I have been slow to invest in their best selling fleeces, but with it getting a wee bit chilly, I decided to buy one for my 17 month-old.  Always keen to marvel at my Frugi wonders, we unwrapped and tried on the fleece after tea one evening.  It was gorgeous, so soft and the colours looked fantastic, Finn actually gave himself a little hug, however, it was a bit on the big side (18-24 months) so I’d thought perhaps we’d save it.  Unfortunately, I reasoned, there would be plenty more cold to come.  The following morning, preparing for a brisk school run in every sense, I went to put on a different jumper.  Finn shook his head decisively, toddled over to the side where I had neatly (er hem) placed his fleece, pulled it down and brought it to me.  Once on, he nuzzled his head into the collar and gently stroked the cosy cuffs (rolled up a couple of times) over his cheek.  Fleece and he have been inseparable since, he even finds him when we are at home and makes a snuggly nest with him or places him in the seat of his trundle car.  Smitten and warm, one toasty little chap and his very pleased Mummy.  Everyone at the school gates wants one now.

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