Posy Dress, Orchid Tops, Snowball Polka Tights

Reviewed by Ally H-L

There are few things cuter than a toddler girl in a pinafore dress, so imagine my utter delight when the contents of my Frugi Crusader Goody Bag turned out to include the gorgeous Posy Dress, along with a 2-pack of Orchid tops, and Snowball tights to complete the ensemble. I was so excited I nearly danced in the Post Office!

I was a little nervous as to whether the 18-24 month sizes would fit my tall 22 month-old daughter; I needn’t have worried, Frugi sizes are nicely generous so they fit beautifully now, and growth-spurts notwithstanding should last her for a few months yet.

As one would expect from Frugi the quality is just fabulous. The organic cotton is wonderfully thick;  just the thing for the colder autumn winter days, and the cord dress has the appearance of being hard-wearing as well as pretty. Winner!

I approached the tights with caution as my daughter is prone to eczema on her legs and was unable to wear tights all of last winter as they caused horrible flare-ups. I don’t know whether she’s toughened up a bit, or if it’s the lovely soft organic cotton in the tights, but we’re now 4 or 5 wears in, and no sign of any eczema. As well as complementing this outfit, the tights look fantastic with denim skirts and shorts, thus extending the life of some of Milly’s summer clothes. I love it when beautiful things are practical!

The dress itself is great; the poppers at the back make it easy to get over a wriggly not-quite-2-year-old’s head, it has sufficient volume for her to run around easily and enough length for her not to flash her nappy every time she climbs something. Given that my daughter is not terribly ladylike as yet, this is A Good Thing. It’s unfeasibly cute-looking and has already drawn a lot of comments.

I’m saving my most effusive praise til last, as I am quite simply in love with the Orchid tops. Daft I know as they appear to be just a couple of long-sleeved tees, y’know, the sort you put under the pretty stuff. How deceptive appearances can be! The lovely pinks make them suitable for “girlyfying” a plain outfit, and they wash so fantastically (no need to iron! Yippee!) that it seems they are fast becoming the first top I reach for on a what-can-i-put-her-in day. They layer beautifully and are so snuggly and thick that you can dispense with the need for a vest underneath which is a big plus for me as Milly hates too many layers and I find vests¬† an almighty faff! The neck poppers are super-practical and the sleeves long enough to reach to the wrists of my long-limbed girl.

All in all, the outfit is everything I wanted it to be; great quality, soft enough for Milly’s sensitive skin and really, really, really pretty. Great work Frugi!

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