The adventures of Fluffy, the Frugi Chicken

What Cowboy's done this?

We don’t hear much about the Frugi Chickens anymore. They were once all we could talk about. Chickens this, eggs that and then…nothing.

Well you see…there was a bit of a Fox incident. A few were lost, a few survived. Fluffy was one of the survivors.

Lucy and I grew her from an egg. We also grew ‘Lucky’ but, alas, she was not.

However you would have thought that Fluffy would have learnt a lesson, seeing as what happened to Lucky. But she has become quite an adventurer since we moved house.

Next door to the Jewson residence there is some major Barn Conversion work going on and, well, Fluffy has taken quite an interest. You seedespite electric fences and wing clipping, Fluffy has become quite the escapeologist. This adventurous spirit has been somewhat egged on (Can you see what I did there?) by the builders who have been giving her the crusts of their sandwiches and generally being very nice to her indeed. (She now comes and visits them in their little ‘crib’ room when they have their Tea and lunch).

Recently she’s even managed to find a route up on to the scaffolding to have a chat and, apparently, the occasional poo, and the other day she came into our living room and watched a bit of telly. The Cat, Rascal by name etc., didn’t know quite what to do!

The other Chickens don’t seem to mind. I’ve spoken to them about it, but all I get is clucking. I’ve tried Google translate but it wont work for Chicken – especially Cornish Chickens as it doesn’t do accents very well.

The builders have given up trying to put her back in her home. One day I got back and they told me that they had all been ‘shooing’ her back but had not succeeded. (The image of 5 burly builders shooing a chicken around a building site should have been captured on film).

So she’s a free spirit. A friend to builders and a great egg layer.

I’ll keep you posted as toher continuing escapades.


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