Lucy Jewson to pose for playboy

Following her recent success in the Saturday Telegraph magazine Lucy Jewson, 39, has been approached by the publishing giants Playboy for inclusion in their ‘Seen in Green’ feature that will be published this summer.

The feature, which will see assorted high profile environmental activists posing nude whilst hugging a tree, is due to set the world of environmental activism alight. The publishers are hoping that by celebrating Mrs. Jewsons achievements  they will lay the groundwork for future additions where she will be seen swimming naked with dolphins, turning off lights in the nude, skipping naked through fields of wind turbines and other such environmentally friendly activities yet to be established.

Mrs Jewson said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to further the ‘green’ cause and to get some free pictures of me in the nude at the same time. I’ve long held the belief that nudity and eco-activism go hand in hand and both are causes I wholeheartedly support.”

Upon asking what her husband, Kurt, thought of it all Mrs. Jewson said, “My husband, as always, is right behind me”

The actual date for publication is unknown. However sources near to Mrs. Jewson suspect 1st April.

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