We’re off to Bubble London


See what I did


We’re all busy, busy busy here at Frugi HQ getting ready to go to the Bubble trade show in London this weekend! There’s lot’s to do, and no-one can wriggle their way out of it!

There’s sewing, stuffing, cutting, painting, carpentry, clothes steaming, van-hiring, Roskilly’s fudge (yum)…and lots more to do! Unfortunately, it’s not for us to eat …although we did see Stephen coming out of the staff room yesterday looking a little bit like the cat who got the cream…!

Everyone’s working on props and decorations to make our Frugi stand look amazing, to entice lots of new and existing retailers to Planet Frugi- and that’ll hopefully mean that there will be even more shops all over the planet selling scrummy Frugi goodies in the spring! If you’re really lucky, there might be some new Frugi stockists near you.

Say hello to them on stand A1 if you’re a potential Frugi retailer, and have a butchers at AW11 and SS12

Good luck everybody, and we look forward to hearing all about it next week.

The new Frugi picnic and veg patch

Look what I've dug

The Warehouse boys have got themselves a new project. Behind Frugi HQ is a little scrap of wasteland that they are busy converting into a picnic area. They’ve cleared the ground, and are busy getting it ready for some grass seed and some picnic tables. They have a dream of a little vegetable patch as well, to grow some lovely organic produce for their lunches.

It’s such a brilliant idea, and we’re all right behind them. We’ll keep you up to date with its progress, but for now here’s a picture of our Derek doing some of the graft! Go Del boy, go!!

Lucy Jewson to pose for playboy

Following her recent success in the Saturday Telegraph magazine Lucy Jewson, 39, has been approached by the publishing giants Playboy for inclusion in their ‘Seen in Green’ feature that will be published this summer.

The feature, which will see assorted high profile environmental activists posing nude whilst hugging a tree, is due to set the world of environmental activism alight. The publishers are hoping that by celebrating Mrs. Jewsons achievements  they will lay the groundwork for future additions where she will be seen swimming naked with dolphins, turning off lights in the nude, skipping naked through fields of wind turbines and other such environmentally friendly activities yet to be established.

Mrs Jewson said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to further the ‘green’ cause and to get some free pictures of me in the nude at the same time. I’ve long held the belief that nudity and eco-activism go hand in hand and both are causes I wholeheartedly support.”

Upon asking what her husband, Kurt, thought of it all Mrs. Jewson said, “My husband, as always, is right behind me”

The actual date for publication is unknown. However sources near to Mrs. Jewson suspect 1st April.

Go wild in the Warehouse

Fold them neatly


The warehouse guys are doing a bit of spring cleaning this week, and getting prepared for our next sample sale.

Boxes are being labelled, clothes folded and plans hatched.

Not quite sure when it’s going to be yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile do they get the prettiest warehouse award for the lovely Frugi banners on the wall?

Spring is in the air at Frugi

It’s been a lovely sunny day, here at Frugi HQ today.

We’ve had the big doors to the warehouse open for the first time in I don’t know how long. The cobwebs have been blown away, and we’re good to go again.

Lots of stuff going on, on our facebook pages at the moment http://www.facebook.com/welovefrugi

Also twitter is quite busy – come find us at @Frugi

We’re all having a think how to best use our Cut4Cloth site going forwards, as we may be integrating the blog into our main site www.welovefrugi.com

Maybe a forum for cloth nappies or organic cotton clothes. Mums-to-be and nursing mums. Or a big directory devoted to ethical business?

Lots to think about and great plans ahead.



A look back at 2010 for Frugi

Well, here we are at the end of another brilliant year on Planet Frugi.

This year has seen us move into our fantastic new offices and warehouse. Watch the video HERE 

We also did a little film about one of our photoshoots HERE

Lucy and Henri flirted outrageously with Colin Firth at the Ethical business awards, but Kurt didn’t mind too much. Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall impressed us with just being a really nice chap (We think that Lucy fell a little bit in love with him too)

Denise Van Outen became our first celebrity ‘Crusader’ – Thanks Denise, we love you too! Latest from Denise just in..

” just had a look at the Frugi spring summer collection for 2011. There are so many fabulous items to choose from. I know its going to be a Frugi spring/ summer for our baby girl Betsy”
Denise Van Outen

We also have a brand new website HERE

And from 2011 we’ll be going up in our size range to 8 yrs – Yippieeeeeeee

From all of us, to all of you, a heartfelt thank you

Have a great Christmas and see you in 2011


Frugi sample sale


OK folks….it’s that time again.

We are having a ‘sample’ sale next week.

WHERE? Here at Frugi HQ in Helston  CLICK HERE FOR A MAP

We are now on Wheal Vrose Business park, which is at the end of Water-Ma-Trout in Helston.

Wherever you are coming from, once in Helston head for the Redruth road. Opposite the fire station there is a roundabout. Take the exit into Water-Ma-Trout. Go past the Tanks on your right, then take the next right. Go along that road and take the next right opposite Jewsons the builder merchants.

Follow that road along to the end and…you’re there!!!

WHEN?: Between 10am and 12 noon on 14th October

See you there!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Well, Mark’s taken the week off and he’s in sunny Spain for his birthday…but we thought we’d do a bit of birthday blogging for him anyway!

Some interesting things about Mark:

1. He doesn’t like cake – we hope he’s having lots of paella and chorizo instead of birthday cake today!
2. He’s a real bookworm and can often be found hiding out in the warehouse with his nose in a book (when he’s not busy packing up lots of lovely orders of course!)
3. He’s a man of intrigue – we never know whether he’ll come into work with a beard or without.
4. He puts poems up on the wall in the loos…none of the rest of us are intelligent enough to understand them, but it makes us look clever!
5. He’s an excellent masseuse – and very popular with the Frugi ladies for this reason!
6. He has a very infectious way of guffawing!
7. He likes the word ‘guffaw’.
8. He gets cross with us when we put the wrong things in the wrong recycling bins.
9. He loves The Archers, and often reads their blog!
10. He loves toast and marmite – that’s his favourite dinner!

We all love him, and hope he’s having a very happy birthday xxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Mark!!