Reversible Tracker Cord Coat and Tracker Hat

Tracker Coat & HatI’ve had these items for a while now but it’s only in the last couple of weeks with the change in the weather that I’ve been able to get use out of them (actually, it’s still too warm for the snuggly hat but it has been modelled at home).

I initially had to return the coat for a larger size, as I found it came up on the small side. I think this is well worth mentioning as my son is small-average size and normally I find Frugi sizes very generous. I really like the shade of blue of these items, so much more appealling and unusual than the typical navy or baby blue that so many baby boys’ items are made from and the lining is a very fresh bright contrast. The cord and the ‘lining’ are super soft. The popper fastening is unusual as normally you find zips or buttons on coats. The poppers are faster to fasten as they are less fiddly than buttons (a thoughtful touch as chilled winter fingers aren’t the most dextrous) and from an aesthetic point of view, I think they look nicer than a zip.  While it is true that in terms of labels and fastening etc the garment is truly reversible, I’m not sure that I would ever use the fleecy side outermost, not least because it is such a light colour. It looks wonderful, but practically speaking, I can’t help but think it’s not the best choice of colour, especially if this side of the garment is to have any wear at all in its own right. On its first occasion of proper wear, within about half an hour it had fallen victim to snack time dribbles and these were very noticeable.  Thank Goodness it washes beautifully!

The hat is adorable, I really like the style, the ear flaps are highly functional and fit properly rather than just being for appearance and I appreciate the fact that there is a choice of popper setting on the chin strap. One thing that really could have elevated this hat in my estimation is if the peaked flap had a popper fastening to the body of the hat so that it could be functional, rather than stitched in place and decorative.  Again, I find the sizing on this hat on the small side.

Reviewed by Annabel G – Frugi Crusader

Lovebird Layered Top, Eco Denim Skirt and Dot to Dot Tights

Reviewed by Annabel G – Frugi Crusader

Lovebird Top & Denim SkirtThese items were a very good choice for me because as pretty as they are, they are not things I would have chosen myself.

I confess that the t-shirt isn’t really to my taste, as I tend to shy away from something so full on pink and I tend to go for applique designs rather than prints. I was very pleased to see the popper fastening on the shoulders. Eliza’s head was 91st centile at birth and has been ever since and I struggle sometimes to get tops in her size over her head and it is rare to find tops with popper or button neck fastenings in the older age bracket.

Eliza my 3 year old loved this top right away and couldn’t wait to wear it and I can now totally understand the comment on the item description page of the website that all the little girls on the photoshoot wanted to wear it! Eliza calls it her “chicksy bird” t shirt and has specifically asked to wear it on a few occasions. I have to say that it has grown on me and there is no denying the quality: the feel of the cotton, the softness and the thickness, are excellent and I can see that this will be a very functional winter t shirt. I like the contrasting sleeves. Eliza always manages to get the cuffs of her t shirt mucky and the dark colour will help to disguise this! It’s been washed twice already and has come out well: the colours have stayed true as has the shape. I was worried about the print cracking or flaking, as can happen with cheaper tops, but that’s not the case here, it has remained intact so far.

The first thing that struck me about the eco denim skirt was that the denim felt very good quality, like the shape would hold its old rather than being flimsy. It looks very cute when worn, the ruffled layer really accentuates the too cute toddler bustling motion! I appreciated the soft jersey lined waistband though I wish that there were more adjustbility to cinch the waist in a bit as it does tend to twist round a bit when worn.  As expected, it washes very well and though it looked wonderfully pressed when it was new out of the packet, I don’t think that it suffers for not having an iron over it out of the washing machine: just shake it out well and hang it smoothly and it’s fine.

TightsThe tights are lovely. They feel incredibly soft. I very rarely find a pair of tights that don’t end up with a ‘Nora Batty’ effect by the end of the day but these held up well. They wash well too, they’ve been worn and washed twice so far and still look excellent – by now many cheaper pairs are already horribly pilled.

All in all I think this is a very pretty highly functional winter outfit that is pleasing for both mother and daughter.