Timber Cord Cargos (Charcoal)

Wilf in Frugi's lined cord cargo trousers
Wilf in Frugi's lined cord cargo trousers











The thing with cord trousers is they can go brittle after washing and you’re not so much folding them as snapping them in half to put them away. Not so with these wonderfully soft cargos. They have remained soft after repeated washed and look great!

The Charcoal colour contrast well with the bright blue of the jersey lining which again is soft and feels lovely on the skin. The tousers have some lovey details: cargo pockets on each leg with butonned flap (by the way, I have never had a button come off a Frugi item! They are securely stiched aand not hanging by a thread after two wears!); hip pockets, belt loops, adjustable toggle at the waist and zig-zag stitching on one of the back pockets, the flaps of which are also lined with a flash of vibrant blue.

I like the waist band on these too. There  are three bands of elastic within the jersey so the waistband is broad and soft. Manny never has and red or pink marks which can sometimes happen with harsher materials or restrictive waist bands.

Yup, definitely a fan of these! Manny wears them with lots of different tops but it looks particularly great with the Paw Paw Layered Top and the Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket – either side looks fab!


Reviewed by G. Baker Frugi customer and Crusader

Paw Paw Layered Top

Paw Paw TopI absolutey love this top! I’m a big fan of the layered look anyway and frequently use Frugi’s gorgeous long-sleeved vests with Frugi t-shirts to get the layered look. But this top does it all! The colours are a great mix of muted tones with bright stripes of green which means you can match it with almost anything (although it’s perfect with the Timber Cord Cargos in Charcoal). The paw -print motif at the shoulder is such a cute addition and the kind of detail that makes Frugi clothes stand out. The fabric is wonderfully warm and soft despite many, many washes and still looks as is if it has just fallen out of it’s wrapper – no bobbling or signs of wear. Practical too – one quick shake before it goes over the drying rail and it’s ready to wear with no need for the iron to make an appearance. And if that’s not a plus I don’t know what is!

I can highly recommend this top. Manny has had loads of compliments  – paired with the Timber Cord Cargos, my boy is looking fine!

Reviewed by Guinni B – Frugi Crusader

Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket

Wilf in his Reversible horizon hooded frugi jacket
Wilf in his Reversible horizon hooded frugi jacket


I cannot tell a lie. This hooded jacket wasn’t on my ‘most-wanted’ list the first time I flicked through Frugi’s Autumn collection. However,  I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and Manny’s barely been out of it!

First thing that surprised me is how substantial a jacket it is. This isn’t a cardy-with-a-hood; it’s thick, warm and snuggly. Perfect for these days where the weather is difinitely on the turn. With a hat and scarf it’s more than enough to keep a fast-moving toddler warm on a dry day in the park.

The colours are great – between the reversible grey and blue and the brightly striped cuffs and trim it goes with almost anything Manny wears.  Both sides, whether organic sherpa fleece or organic jersey are super-soft and, as always with Frugi, have remained so after washing. Both sides have pockets, perfect for conkers (and one or two as yet unidentified souvenirs from the park). 

I’m also particulaly appreciative of the zip. Having cerebral palsy and poor mobility in one hand, the chunky sized zip and smooth motion makes it easy to fasten, even on a two year old revving up for a dash to the roundabouts. It’s also perfect for little fingers  – Manny now enjoys pulling up his own zip!

This jacket really is great.  I would recommend it and know of at least one wee cousin who could well be getting one for his birthday!

By G. Baker

Frugi customer and crusader


If there’s anything more exciting than receiving that gorgeous brown package from  the folks at Frugi, it’s getting the package without a clue as to what’s inside.  Ahhh, the joy of being a Frugi Crusader!!  Beautifully wrapped and tagged as always, I found three treats from Frugi’s Autumn 2009 catalogue; the Paw Paw Layered Top, Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket and the Timber! Cord Cargos in Charcoal.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m looking foward to putting the clothes to the test, toddler-style with the aid of my two year-old powerhouse, Manny; and letting you know how they wash and wear.

Frugi’s passion for clothes is obvious. They are dispatched with true care and pride in the product and justifiably so. The fabrics are beautifully soft and vibrantly coloured – and I know from experience that they stay that way!! – the designs are original and unmistakably Frugi.  Perfect for Autumn, the clothes are lightweight and warm and spot on for days kicking through leaves and catching the  last of the long evenings. Frugi-licious!

Guinni B – Frugi Crusader