Polka Dot Pants

Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

The Polka Pants quickly became a favourite from the autumn / winter collection, in fact along with the Tumble Twist Smock top (my all time favourite girl’s top) they make up my girls most lived in outfit this winter being smart, warm and very practical. They just look really comfy and understated girly.

With super soft cord (the same as the Lucy Locket Dress) they have some lovely details. I particularly liked the polka jersey turn-ups which just added to the cute and individual factor. The same polka dot pattern is also on the waistband and drawstring.
The essential deep pockets are there to stash things in, there are also some ruffled back pockets.
A feature that’s been particularly useful as she tries to keep up with her brothers in the park are the padded knees, which would be useful for speedy crawlers.
As with everything I’ve had from Frugi they wash and wash brilliantly. The cord does attract fluff but that’s easily dealt with.
Thank you Frugi, any chance of making organic cords in adult sizes, I could be warm too then!  

Lucy Locket Dress – a super practical and cute dress

Lucy Locket Dress – Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Being more at ease with dressing my little girl in trousers, I wouldn’t have picked these out when I first saw this Frugi collection. I tended to think that dresses look not very practical in the park play sense, but I’m very pleased to say that I was proved wrong and my wardrobe choices have expanded! In fact, so much so that having read the review for the Cord Gypsy Skirt I’ll be giving that a go as she moves from the baby to the Girls wear. 

It was a big hit with my little girl, who gave everyone a twirl and a beaming smile. She enjoyed the attention as her brothers said “she looks like a real girl, she looks beautiful” ( a real ‘ahh’ moment as they were really proud of her)

Made from really soft yet warm cord (so fantastic for the cooler weather) it has some lovely styling features. The front pockets are particularly loved, they are used both to stash the all important stuff and to keep her hands warm.

I’m grateful for Frugi making co-ordinating these items easy, something particularly useful for those like me whose colour co-ordination senses is rather lacking (although saying that my daughter is increasingly choosing her own selections which are certainly more individual than co-ordinated shall we say!)

The dress looks great with both the plain and stripy tights, great too with funky boots! We’ve also teamed it with the drawstring pants. For tops it goes really well with the Stars Above Bodies (that’s another topic but Frugi, in my opinion, make THE best bodies)

The dress does wash really well, as with cord it does pick-up some fluff in the wash but that’s easily put right with a bit of sellotape.

All in all, a really cute and gorgeously practical dress.

Creepy Crawler Top – a BIG hit for boys!

Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

This Creepy Crawler top is both my boys’ current favourite top and one of their three favourite items from the Frugi winter collection – the others being the Cord Combats and the Bug Detective Hoody.

What boy wouldn’t like this top? It really does appeal to the creepy crawler lovers with a massive crawly on the front of the top.  The colour and double layer styling are appreciated too as is the super soft cotton. I like the fact that it’s long sleeved and keeps them snug in this cold weather.

As with all Frugi / C4C items I’ve tried it washes brilliantly.

Highly recommended!!




Tumble Twist Smock Top – a Shreaking Favourite!

Girls Smock Top
(Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader)

A mega mega hit with my little girl!
Girl\'s Tumble Twist Smock Top
If I’d had a camera on me at the precise moment my little girl saw this top it would have been priceless, you would also need to have turned your volume down as the shriek of sheer delight was very high pitched and loud. The whole of her face lit up with joy at this lovely top, beaming as she held it up against herself.  When she put it on one of the first things she did was to twirl round and round, her top joining in too as being a smock top there is lots of material.   

I love the gorgeously soft organic cotton, colour, design and cut of the top (it covers the top of trousers really well)  It is also a top that looks really gorgeous without you having to try, yet importantly is really practical and will take the rough and tumble of play. 

When I saw the top on the website it was straight away one of my favourites as I’d just loved the Boho short sleeved top from the Tangle Twine collection, but this an improvement on that!  Thank you Frugi!

Tip for the sale.. Girl’s Explorer Bootcuts

Alex’s great post re the Dino Tee got me thinking about my top tip of items from the sale collection.

Well my favourite item from the summer collection has been the Explorer Bootcuts.  I sang their praises in an earlier blog and now having used and used and washed and washed I still think they are fantastic – so much so I now have several pairs and some in next sizes up. Yep, I do like them that much! Just pull them on and go …

They’ll be great seeing me into autumn, I’ve also been wearing them with the Tumble Twist Smock Top from the new collection.  Don’t know whether they co-ordinate perfectly as that’s not my forte but I liked the ready to play outfit.

Hope this helps, I’d be interested to hear other peoples favourite items.

Helen H
(Frugi Customer & Crusader)

Explorer Bootcuts – They’ve Got Even Better!


Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Explorer Bootcuts >

If you think you now what C4C clothing was like, well Frugi gets even better.


These were an item that I received in my Frugi parcel for review.  When I had seen them on the website I hadn’t gone for them as I thought they were almost the same as C4C ones of several seasons ago that I’d picked up in a sale – wrong, these are loads better! 

Having purchased C4C / Frugi clothes for about 4 years now, I’ve seen the same gorgeous cotton and I’ve seen them really learn from previous collections. So if maybe you weren’t totally convinced by some trousers several seasons ago, it’s worth relooking at the new detail. 

Real plus point on these trousers (from the earlier trousers) is the waist, these have a big wide elasticated waistband with a tie so that you can get a great comfortable fit. This means that there is no need for a zipped fly, so they are a breeze to put on and off. . This is something that isn’t evident from the website photos.   

These are really practical everyday canvas trousers – with great pockets! Yes, I know I have a thing about great pockets (I’ve mentioned this with the Leapfrogger Jacket) but I think children need them for that all important something. Then there’s the detail on the pockets, they have a lovely gathering effect and some delicate embroidery to add that girly touch. Extra special is the embroidered bird on the bottom pocket. 

As they are slightly on the long side for my daughter at the moment the roll-up button (another improvement on the trousers of two seasons ago which had poppers – buttons are so much better) helps to make these trousers a better length for her. The roll-up portion of the trousers has a lovely soft green cotton lining which co-ordinates beautifully with the waistband.  This feature does really add to the adaptability of the trousers which will be particularly useful for the summer holiday paddling.  

These are the most versatile trousers she has now and ones that hold up well to a tomboy who just wants to keep up with her brothers. 

Romany Stripe Top – An Easy Hit!

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader
Romany Stripe Top >

I like this top – a LOT.
It’s become one of those staples in my little girls wardrobe, a favourite along with her Explorer bootcuts. 

It is super soft, something I’ve now experienced myself with the Henley nursing top so I know how good that must feel. It oozes quality and attention to detail – lovely bold stripes, contrast trim and flower embroidery. Frugi seem to go the extra mile, making the top extra special.

A big plus from my perspective is ease of dressing, particularly when your little one has a relatively big head. The side poppers mean that this is easy and gives the garment a longer life – I get so frustrated when I have to stop using clothes which fit apart from getting them over the head – no problems with that here. 

Generously sized, I’ll get plenty of use from this top as it will become part of her autumn / winter wardrobe too – particularly as it is meant to be a ¾ length style. 

 With our weather being so unpredictable it means that I can dress her with confidence knowing that that she’ll either be kept warm on a chilly day or provided with some protection from the sun.

Leapfrogger Hat – Reversible Sunhat with the ‘Ahh’ Factor

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Leapfrogger Hat >

This is a lovely super soft hat, a gorgeous eggshell blue on one side with a white toweling inner (it is reversible but I prefer to wear it with the blue as the outer) It has had a lot of admiring smiles and comments and the acid test – she has worn it quite a bit. 

This hat recently saved me from that embarrassed moment when I’d forgotten to bring something in for Jo Jingles. The theme was Nursery Rhymes and running late, I hadn’t bought anything along. Anyway, my little girl had her hat on (a rare event for her as she’s not big on hats) so the lady just commented that she’d bought a beautiful hat in instead. 

If anything it may be slightly on the snug side so if you’re between sizes and are pondering which size to get then I’d size-up but then again that might be because my little girl has a big head.

Leapfrogger Hoody – Great Pockets!

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Leapfrogger Hoody >

It’s a lovely stage when your toddler realises the wonder of putting things in their pockets, getting them out again and yes putting them back (and on and on). Granted, it adds to journey times, can be annoying when you realize what you’ve added to the wash or what you find in the pockets, but is priceless for the opportunity to witness the joy and wonder on their faces.

I’ve also got the Pink Banana Hooded Cardigan which is another favourite of ours, but these pockets hold more. 

First thing I noticed when I got this top was ‘great pockets’. That was probably because I take for granted that Frugi’s clothing is always super soft, beautifully made and has great attention to the detail that children and parents love. Eggshell blue has to be one of my favourite colours (isn’t it just a lovely name for a colour) so was an easy choice.

The fit is really good, not baggy round the middle as some jackets can be. Zip is a nice sturdy zip, nothing fiddly there so it is as it says on the site easy to throw on the fastest moving child – which my one is when she gets wind of the fact that her brothers are going out or something exciting is going on. 

The hood has come in very useful with the unexpected turns of the English weather. 

No downsides, just a really great hoody which will wash and wash and still look great. And let’s not forget those pockets!

Leapfrogger Stripy Tee

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Leapfrogger Tee

There’s a lot to like about this top. It looks gorgeous and is really easy to take on and off, having side neck fastening. 

Again from Frugi, the super soft cotton, the quality and the attention to detail are there. The eggshell blue and white top has contrast pink trim; there is also flower embroidery on the front for that extra touch. 

I’d prefer it to have a long sleeve length, as whilst it gives good coverage to the shoulders I like to cover more of the arms. But that’s just a personal thing re sun protection.