Frugili snug as a Frugi bug

Reviewed by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader
Well, I had orders from my husband we needed more trousers for our young man.  Oh, ok, you’ve twisted my arm…  I’ll go and buy some.  So, onto the Frugi website where my loyalties lie and I purchased another pair of the brown cords (in the hope my husband won’t notice there are 2 pairs now!) and then thought that I’d go for the Bug Detective Lined Combats.  

I initially didn’t go for these because they were a lighter colour (than chocolate brown) and would show up any marks and need washing more often.  But, as they landed on our doormat, along with the cold north wind and snow, the rich brownness of the material shone through – it’s very subtle, and the website doesn’t do it justice.  The shade of colour and slight ‘shotness’ of it, means that mud blends in rather well!  Plus, and the big plus following last weekend’s snow, they are the warmest, cosiest, sumptuous pair of trousers our little man has ever had. 

At first he didn’t want to put them on,  the brown cords being his favourite.  However, having wrestled him to the floor, coerced him in with promises of chocolate buttons, he then didn’t want to take them off – all day, and the next day too!  (until we had a little accident and then they had to be removed, again with chocolate buttons entering the equation)

The detail on the back pocket is rather cute and has been noticed by other mums – a little bug crawling out of a pinned back pocket. 

They do take a little extra time to dry (thank God for the 2 pairs of brown cords!) but the weather seems to be staying cold so he’ll be in them again tomorrow. 

And maybe this is an incentive to stay dry in the potty training season too! 

These are a definite MUST for the winter and I think we might have to buy a bigger size to keep him happy next year too.

Any chance of a ‘breast feeding’ pair of trousers… er… xx


Bows or buttons for wriggly monsters?

Ok, I shouldn’t really be complaining – well, I should have complained a long time ago.  I have a wriggly monster.  From doing star jumps in the womb to frogging up the changing mat in week 2 of his life, our little one has been on the move from the word go.  I’ve managed to accommodate it up until now – nappy changing a standing 5 month old was helped by the musical box with dancing penguins – it kept him in one place just long enough for me to do the job in hand.  

Anyway, now, as we’re deep in the potty training zone, and he’s still too young to master pulling up trousers (effectively) let alone doing them up, I find myself sprawled across the floor, crawling after the tractor-crazed toddler, desperately trying to do up the fastenings on any trousers he’s wearing so they don’t fall down.  I found myself realising a few things

1.  I really ought to learn that not every bow needs tying

2. can i get the trousers off without actually undoing the buttons?

3. why can’t all trousers, for 2-3 year olds, be elasticated, pull ups! 

Can Frugi help?  Possibly more with the last one than my inability to let untied laces lie…  The elasticated tags on the zip-offs do accommodate different sized waists and could easily be used on more trousers.   I think the worst ways of doing up trousers are the ties around the middle.  Benjamin was running off when I was doing up the Explorer Pants from the summer – the material is quite heavy on those trousers so he always seems to find them around his hips than his tummy, but I find it quite difficult to tie a bow on those in the time it takes Benjamin to get up off the potty before running off to play – I’m quick, but he’s quicker!

Would you be able to look into the ties and fastenings of potty training aged clothes to make it easy to pull up and down without having to tie bows or fiddle with buttons – I find the buttons worse on the undo-ing end – we get about a minute’s notice before a wee and if there are buttons on the trousers they’re usually in the wash soon after as I haven’t managed to get them undone!

yours hopelessly


Jealous mother of a boy

I bought the Tumble Twist Smock Top for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday and I can’t bring myself to send it to her.. .it’s gorgeous!  Again, it’s the wonderful cotton we’ve come to know and love of Frugi and the pattern and design is just soooo cute and trendy at the same time.  One of the many things I love about Frugi is (and you can see this with the girls wardrobe mainly) that the children can be children, and be trendy without being forced to wear clothes that are too old for them. 

A friend at work was very disappointed that her girls are just too old now for Frugi clothes – 8 and 7 years – as she’s been looking for ‘non-tarty’ stuff for them and can’t find anything she wants to buy.

Any chance of increasing the age range yet again?

Cord Combats

dear team frugi, thank you very much for making my red trousers.  Mummy says they’re brown, but they have nice red bits on that I feel the need to wear red socks with them all the time.  Mummy doesn’t like this as she’s had to go out and buy more red socks.  tee hee.  Can you put more red bits on the outside so that i can show people without showing them my pants as well? 

They are a bit long at the moment, but that’s  because i’ve only just grown out of the 18-24 month range and i’m not even 2 yet.  I do have to say though that it’s very difficult to go down the slide in them as they create a lot of friction with the brushed cord and the mud on the slide.  Daddy says this might have something to do with the 1970s retro slide in the playground that possibly doesn’t reach current safety standards – whatever they are. 

Anyway, they’re lovely and warm and thick for the weather we’ve had over the past few days.  Please make more cords as they are lovely. 

Lots of love

Benjamin Sharp 

Jumping Frogs not sleeping bunnies!

by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Well, thank you Team Frugi for the Froggie PJs!  They’re wonderful.  I have been trying to teach Benjamin to identify colours and he did seem to get stuck on the fact there was a big frog on the front of the top – a wonderful frog too!  The cotton is the usual high quality, sumptuous thick wonderful cotton that I want in my pjs (but can’t find any that match this quality).  It’s also wonderfully warm too.  

It’s just a shame you do one design for the season… we need to wash it and it needs to dry before bedtime – time to get the wood burner on to speed up the drying process!
Boys Froggy Pyjamas
I do have to hold you responsible, I think, for Benjamin, at the age of 21 months, finally discovering that his cot also doubles as a trampoline!  We can hear him on the monitor trying to sing along to ‘here the sleeping bunnies sleep, till it’s nearly noon… ‘ with him focussing mainly on the ‘jump little bunnies jump jump jump….’ bit more than the sleeping.

His last words last night were ‘jump frog frog jump….’

(ok, it was really sweet and we both laughed… thank you Frugi for those special moments!) 

Clothes for the Mums…the FISHY ROMPER!

As you are increasing the range of clothes Frugi now makes to encompass mothers (and hopefully fathers too?) would you consider an adult version of the Fishy Romper?  I know that many an adult would want to pad around the house in something as comfortable and cheeky as that!  Well, maybe a romper suit is not quite right, but certainly a t-shirt, or even breastfeeding pjs?

There was something about that romper that the sub romper didn’t have.  The green and yellow were a fantastic stripe combination, the fish motive was very cute, and it just seemed to suit the colourings of lots of children.  My mum certainly said how well our Benjamin looked in that green (we had the crawler dungarees too, it was a green summer!)… loved it!  BRING BACK THE FISHY ROMPER!  Or son of Fishy Romper…

I don’t think I’m alone in my feelings for this garment!


The Hoodie

Product Review by Helen S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Swashbuckler Hooded Jumper

Wonderful!  The burnt sienna hoodie is luscious!  And we have been using it quite frequently in this wonderful summer we’re having (ahem ahem!).  We have been buying big so the sleeves are rolled up at present, but that means that we can enjoy it for longer – hurrah!  It’s also kept amazingly clean and dry in the potty training experiments we’ve been doing.  Benjamin’s been running around the garden without trousers/pants/nappy and had this to keep him warm.  He’s managed potty moments and freer waterings and the hoodie has stayed dry and clean  Hurrah!  One less thing to wash!On reading back, I think the overwhelming word for the hoodie is ‘hurrah!’ 


I won’t be putting it with the burnt sienna shorts though as I’ve washed them quite a few times now and the colour has faded, it would look a bit funny, as well as a bit too co-ordinated.  Sometimes I like co-ordination, other times I like that ‘my husband dressed him’ look.

lots of love



Boys Swashbuckler Hat

Well, I am feeling inadequate.  It seems I need my eyes tested and have to take a course in reading instructions.   Having now found the ‘write tab’ which I’m convinced wasn’t so obvious when I looked on Friday, I’m now able to let you know what I think of the hat.

Our Benjamin is 18 months old and has always been on the 98th percentile for height, 75th for weight.  He’s a tall, slim, not-so-little fellow with an average size head.  The 2-4 year old hat we got given is a bit of a snug fit!  I’m hoping his head’s not going to grow too much as I don’t like the idea of waste and the hat might not last that long! 

Having said that, it’s a lovely hat!  I love the burnt sienna colour!  I bought the shorts, which have been going down a storm.  We’re in the throws of potty training at the moment and so they are now looking a bit big on him, but at least that means we could potentially use them next year too! 

I also got given the burnt sienna hoodie.  I have to say, I’m not sure Benjamin will ever been seen out wearing the shorts, hoodie and hat (we also have the swashbuckler top, the stripy reverse of the hoodie).  I think it looks as though I’m trying too hard if he was ever that co-ordinated!   The swashbuckler top and shorts though are a great match.  

I also think, contrary to Alex’s comments, that the burnt sienna goes with lots of things.  It’s very good with brown and blue, green..well, anything in our boy’s wardrobe, and what does it matter if it clashes a bit?  Our childminder did say she likes bright colours and stripes because then you can point out the kids in your charge much quicker.  And I wouldn’t want ours to get lost!

I did try the hat on 2 of Benjamin’s little friends, one a week younger than him and one 17 months older…the result was the same – it’s snug!  It might be though that it stretches to accommodate and I just have to wait and see.

On grounds of style though, I do like the hats that have a flap down the back to cover necks when the sun is out.  Benjamin does spend most of his time playing in the garden and that usually means he has his trowel or fork somewhere in the bean or strawberry patch, head down and engrossed in finding worms.  Thus his neck is still exposed with this hat whereas the previous hat (a terribly extravagent ‘Lawrence of Arabia cum old man’s hankie’ style muslin with 2 knots at the front to keep it on his head) covered everything (literally!).

Maybe an elastic band at the back of the hat would have that give to accommodate 2 years of growth?  That’s assuming the hat doesn’t stretch….

I’ll keep thinking!

Many thanks for the hat and hoodie though!  Don’t want to sound ungrateful!