Stardust trousers – a review

Reviewed by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

These trousers are absolutely beautiful; the embroidery is big and bold and shiny and has attracted glowing comments whenever my two-year old has worn them.  They’ve got those Frugi details in too, I love the stitched-down corner of the pocket on the back and having the lining show at the bottom.

They get the thumbs-up for comfort from Abi too, being cosily lined and having toggles at the waist to get a good fit – a novelty for us, but since abandoning cloth nappies in the summer for grown-up trips to the bathroom, suddenly many things have been falling down.

The courdroy holds its shape very well, which means I haven’t ironed them yet despite many washings!  It is great for turning up while the trousers are being grown into – a turn up holds all day without needing tacking into place, and it looks deliberate because of the lovely lining. The colours have also held excellently.  There is one drawback, though, which is that the  cords do attract fluff in the wash and it really shows on the Raisin colour.  However, this may actually be a good thing, as they’ve been worn a lot as everyday trousers, whereas otherwise I might have kept them for best.  And it would be a great shame not to flaunt these at every possible opportunity, given how lovely they are and how hard-wearing!

Love Heart Shrug

Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I’m onto my second (or third?) season of Frugi shrugs and this is every bit as good as the previous ones.  The fabric is soft and comfy, but sturdy enough to hold its shape well, and the colours are useful wardrobe staples for matching with lots of outfits as well as other Frugi clothes from this season.  My toddler likes it as the one button is quick to do up but enough to hold it on.  It’s particularly nice to have this to go with the ruffle cord dress for coordinated layers.

Ruffle cord dress – a classic

Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

This dress is everything it looks in the photos.  A beautiful, classic design in a hard-wearing fabric, with lovely detailing in the contrasting fabric around the bottom.  It looks fantastic with the Bong Tree Top underneath but I’ve found the colour quite easy to match with other plain t-shirts in the wardrobe too.  I have had lots of comments about how lovely Abi looks in it, even at a 3rd birthday party in Cookham Dean when I was frankly terrified by the presence of so many expensive mothers and exquisitely Monsoon-clad immaculate toddlers. I like to think that Abi’s outfit looked classy and tasteful, but that she could still be a real little girl in it and zoom around the bouncy castle and the muddy bits in the garden without causing me undue distress.  The dress has survived quite hard treatment repeatedly and washes up fine. 

I am particularly enjoying the mix-n-match possibilities in this catalogue.  I’ve got both colours of love-heart shrug, the bong tree top and the printed cord gypsy skirt and it is lovely to have a variety of options for different temperatures.  It’s also great for special occasions to be able to deal with various messes by only changing one item of clothing and still produce a presentable, coordinated daughter! 

Must-have printed cord gypsy skirt

Product Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

This is a must-buy item.  My two and a half year old loves this skirt, it is easy to put on and to manage loo trips by herself in it, and it looks fabulous.  The print is lovely and in a very tasteful colour scheme.  Abi wears hers mostly with the Bong Tree Top which makes a great outfit and has received lots of admiring comments.  I like it as you can dress it up or down with different tights or hair things, and because it’s a very good length and fullness for looking great but still being able to move around easily in it.

Lovin’ the stars above

Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Well I had thought that babygros were a bit ho-hum; not the exciting part of dressing a baby and definitely not something to devote much thought to second daughter round when there are lots of hand-me-downs floating around.  I confess that when I was sent a Stars Above Babygrow to review I was a bit wistful for some of the other catalogue items I coveted instead.

 Organic Babygrows

But I’ve seen the light and am a raving convert!  This is a really, really (no, reeeally) lovely, cuddly soft fabric and the fit is excellent; it is roomy in the right places and well proportioned for cloth bottoms.  And some very clever design person has put a lot of thought into getting the optimum number of poppers so that you avoid airy gaps round the legs but don’t have to spend 20 minutes trying to match up gazillions of the wretched little things just when your small cherub wants the after-the-bath feed NOW.  I’ve got the pinky striped one and like the subtle shades very much. 

Buy one!  Or several actually, even if they’re for your 3rd or 4th baby.

Songbird dress review

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Songbird Dress >

This dress is an instant winner!  My two-year old, for whom any dressing or undressing is a battleground at present, couldn’t get into it quickly enough.  She gave it the big thumbs up for comfort, looks and ease of getting into (but we did have a significant tantrum trying to get her out of it).  I also think it’s marvellous: beautifully soft, easy to wash and really lovely in style.  The pattern is very pretty and the cut works really well – shapely but not so fitted that there’s no room to grow.  Every time Abi’s worn it we’ve had lots of compliments. 

The sizing is generous, as tends to be the Frugi case, so the dress is a still a little long on my taller- and wider-than-average daughter (26 months in a 2-3y dress), but the cut is beautiful so it looks fine, it just needs tucking up when she tackles a climbing frame.

Even from a long-standing and dedicated Frugi-shopper, this has to be one of my all-time favourite Frugi buys.  I might have to buy another for my baby daughter, even though I vowed I’d never dress the girls the same.  And maybe a bigger size one for them to grow into when they’re older…!


Summer shrug – style and versatility

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Pink Banana Hoody >

I’d hesitated before buying this as I wondered if I could justify ‘another cardigan’ for my daughter’s wardrobe, but I am so glad I did!  This shrug is the most fantastic mix-n-match item we’ve got; it goes with almost everything and it’s really easy to put on and off with only one button. 

The style and colour really set it apart from the hundreds of other shrugs on the high street; the fabric retains its shape very well despite repeated washing and the dusky pink is a tasteful, classic shade that is pleasingly feminine without saccharin overtones of Barbie.

Pink banana hooded cardy & pull-ups stripetastic review

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Pink Banana Hoody >
Stripy Pink Banana Pull-up Trousers >

I love the pink banana range, it’s such a great combination of colours that makes you smile, and the flower on the pocket is a great bold signature.  The fabric is really comfy and the elasticated trousers are really easy to put on.  The cardy has a good chunky zip and one pocket.  My toddler finds them very comfy and loves the stripes – she calls them her Tombliboo trousers in homage to favourite stripey-clad tv characters!

I have treated the hoody as a reversible top because I like the stripes, but you do have to cut out the washing label to do so – perhaps it could go in the pocket on future versions to save having the stump of the label showing?

My daughter has worn the pull-ups much more than the hoody, due to the weather and time of year, but it’s good to note that they still match despite a big disparity in the amount of washing each has had.

My only quibble with these is that it’s very hard to match them with anything else!  They look great with the Frugi gypsy flower tee (I think now discontinued and only left in the sale? But maybe [in hope] there will be another version coming, or even a long-sleeved one?) and ok with a plain white t-shirt, but I’ve had to accept that this is a distinctive outfit that stands alone – the price you pay for an unusual and stylish colour combo!

Babygown review

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader
Baby Gown >

We used babygowns all the time for my first daughter after my husband discovered the concept.  What a fantastic idea of somebody’s to make middle-of-the-night changes quick and easy without compromising on baby’s snugness.

Two-years later our first set of Cut4Cloth babygowns are still going strong with daughter #2, and we’ve added to the collection with each year’s new model!  All 3 versions we’ve got are all beautifully soft and cosy and have washed and worn well. 

Interestingly, the sizing has changed over the 3 models: each new version has got longer, with longer arms, whilst the width has stayed pretty similar.  The long sleeve-length is presumably to make it easier to use the built-in scratch-mitts, but I confess I’ve never bothered with them after the first 2 weeks with my first-born.  In length, the 2006 model is getting a bit short for my 12 week old now, whereas the 2008 one still swamps her.  For me, the early and middle versions are preferable, as I think babygowns really earn their existence at the point when you’re doing the most night changes and we’re more or less past them now.  I also like the middling one of my collection for it’s safari animal print.  The plain undyed, unbleached cotton looks frightfully eco-friendly and is gender neutral for those who want to hedge their bets for future siblings or do their shopping before they know baby’s sex, but it does lack the cute-and-stylish factor that I usually associate with Frugi outfits.  My mother made unflattering comments about Romanian orphanages (before she felt the snugness and appreciated the practical merits)!

So all in all, I find babygowns comfy, practical, snug and a winner for persuading hubby to do his bit in the night, but I do revert to a pretty babygro for my daughter when expecting visitors to see her in her boudoir!

Songbird gypsy skirt review

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader
Songbird Gypsy Skirt >

The songbird skirt has a very pretty pattern on it; I love the colour scheme and it’s very easy to find varied t-shirts to match it.  My 2 year old loves tracing the flowers and birds embroidery.  I particularly like this skirt as it’s extremely easy to get on and off, having an elasticated waist.  It’s also a good style/length to dress up or down for different occasions.  The skirt is wearing well and is straightforward to iron.  10/10 to the Frugi team for this one!