Truly Scrumptious Dress

This dress has been well named!  When the sun comes out Lila always wants her ‘beautiful dress’ on and i’m always delighted to put it on her, which is more than can be said for most of the outfits she chooses for herself!  She loves the way it flares out as she twirls around admiring herself in the mirror – there’s a lot of material in it which makes it hang really nicely too.  She also loves posing with her hands in the cute little pockets.
Lila looking Truly Scrumptious!
Lila looking Truly Scrumptious!
This truly is a multifunctional item of clothing that is dressy enough for a party but really comfy and ideal for playing in too.  Fortunately it washes up well and doesn’t need ironing as it cycles through the wash frequently!
I love the individuality of Frugi clothes – they really stand out from the boring high street colours and styles and people always ask me about this dress when Lila wears it.
The only downside i can think of is that it doesn’t really look right with tights – which is fine as it’s a summer dress but meant we had to wait a while to start wearing it as the weather in Scotland can be a wee bit chilly in Spring!!
Reviewed by Sarah W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Raspberry Ripple Sunhat

SunhatSpring has finally arrived in Glasgow – i’m probably being premature but we’ve had 2 lovely sunny days and i’m willing it to last!  I’ve also taken the opportunity to put this lovely little sunhat on my 8 month old daughter and she is just so cute in it, if i do say so myself (but it’s not just me – my friends all love it too)!  It really suits her fair, strawberry blonde colouring and blue eyes. She even keeps it on most of the time, although her 2yr old big sis snatches it from her head every chance she gets and tries to squeeze her head into it – such is its appeal.  In fact it has been an object of some facination since it arrived and it is regularly removed from the drawer to be played with.  The sizing is perfect for my daughter – this is the first hat she has had that is actually designed for her age – the fleecy winter one she had on only last week is age 1-2yrs!
The colours can only be described as delicious – they remind me of sweeties and icecream.  The fabrics ooze the Frugi luxury we know and love: one side a beautiful baby pink soft cotton and the other unusual raspberry pink contrasted with pale pink in towelling (a grossly under-utilised fabric for babies in my opinion).  The fact it’s reversible is great – obviously it means it can be matched to more outfits, the care label peels off so as not to annoy the fussy child and in really hot weather it can be turned inside out if it gets a bit hot and sweaty.
The best thing about this hat has to be the Cute Factor!
Reviewed by Sarah W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Raspberry Ripple Towelling Shorties – Review

Nessie T-Shirt & ShortiesIt’s so nice to have something (other than joggies 2 sizes too big) to put on Macie that does not require me to jump up and down to squeeze in her ample (cloth-nappied) behind.  She is a large 7 month old who likes her food and these delicious raspberry ripple shorties in the 6-12m size fit her well and have room for growth in all directions.  I particularly like the broad ribbed waistband which gives Macie a level of comfort she has not experienced in clothes, as she has a rather large waist to go with the ample behind.  Since she started to sit up for lengthy periods i’ve resorted to stripping her off in order to aid breathing!  This is not necessary with these shorties. 
Macie is the youngest of two girls and i’ve decided comfort is the no.1 priority where baby (0-12m) clothes are concerned.  Moreover, i don’t feel the need to dress her up in three frilly outfits a day and take photos like i did with my eldest daughter – so most of her wardrobe is unworn, being passed over for of a few pairs of the aforementioned joggies!  These shorts have added new life to this sorry situation and have become a firm favourite already.  They are both ultra comfortable and attractive at the same time.  Made of wonderfully soft, organic terry cotton and generously cut to lie on or below the knee, and with roomy pockets too (perhaps more useful to children in the older sizes).  I love the raspberry stripes which compliment the lavender waistband – and these particular shades of pink and purple, while being girly, look really unusual and not at all like their poor ‘highstreet’ cousins. 
Why am i dressing my child in shorts you ask when most of the country is covered in snow?!  Well, they are great for around the house, but i have been putting them over tights when we’re goin out which has turned out to be a perfect solution for us as this girl just will not keep socks on – no not even the brands that are known for staying on well.  I just couldn’t wait for the nice weather, which in Scotland, may be a long time coming…
So all in all a lovely and versatile item of clothing which makes my daughter even more cuddly than usual!! 
Reviewed by Sarah W – Frugi Customer & Crusader