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Frugi Crusaders

We’ve been on a bit of a mission recently, searching for twelve Frugi crusaders. They’re an important bunch, and from the beginning of June they’ll be bringing their opinions to our virtual round table here on the Frugi blog!

Our chosen crusaders are all mothers of small children and will be reviewing some of our lovely clothes. From baby grows to breastfeeding tops, they’ll be telling the world exactly what they think, and I suspect there will be no holding back!

We’ll keep you posted!

Organic Cotton – a dream to wash!

Just the other day one of our customers bought a pair of organic cotton shorts over the internet. We delivered it the very next day (we think it’s important that our customers don’t miss out on any potential Frugi-wearing days) and her little boy wore his new shorts that afternoon as they toddled off for a walk. He promptly fell on his bum and landed in a cow-pat.

Poor old mum sighed, popped the shorts in the wash, hung them on the line to dry and called us the next morning to let us know that they had washed beautifully and looked as good as new…which just goes to show that organic cotton washes really well!