Frugi organic clothes in Helston

Big Blue Frugi HQ

Blue sky over the new Frugi HQ in Helston this week.

Work is progressing brilliantly, despite a certain issue regarding a digger and a water main!

Soon we’ll all be waving from those windows, and playing on our go karts outside.

Helston will soon be the new home for our little Frugi shop as well. (We’ve had to take it down from our current office to make way for desks).

So, if you want organic cotton baby clothes in Helston we’re the boys!

Watch this space for more updates as they happen.

Living the Frugi dream

A big welcome to Abigail, who has relocated from Scotland to sunny Cornwall to ‘work’ here at Frugi towers. (Not that Scotland isn’t sunny you understand…)

Her job is to assist Lauren in the measuring, detailing and general getting things right that goes on to make Frugi clothes. As we grow as a company, it’s great to see talented people joining us and helping to make our organic cotton clothes even more special!

That’s the joy of Frugi. At every stage we’ve strived to be better, in everything we do. To listen and learn and to act upon what we hear. Of course, the old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time is true. We get conflicting emails and phone calls from customers all the time. Some say that we do too much of such and such, and then aother customer saying that we don’t do enough of it. But we try our best.

It’s an exciting, dynamic and brilliant time for us. And…it’s Christmas too!!!!  (A big Ho! Ho! Ho! from us all).

So, welcome Abigail. Our latest, “Brilliant” person. You’ll get to know us at the Christmas Party – baptism of fire!!

Marine Strandings Network annual get together

Hi All

A little update from the Cornwall Marine strandings network whom we help to support via our 1% for the planet membership

 “Keen volunteers from all over Cornwall gathered in Truro at the weekend (Saturday 5th December) for their sixth Marine Strandings Forum, organised by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Marine Strandings Network, and funded by Frugi’s 1% for the Planet scheme. Although the event was a social occasion, it also had a serious purpose.

The volunteers are at the forefront of scientific research into the deaths of marine animals and it’s thanks to their efforts on the front line that we can start to piece together information about what kills dolphins, seals, basking sharks and turtles in Cornish waters.

The Forum presentations covered a range of informative subjects including talks from veterinary investigation officer James Barnett on evidence of bottlenose dolphin interactions with other species, Rebecca Allen from the Cornwall Seal Group explained her work on the entanglement of grey seals, and Stephen Pikesley, an MSc student from University of Exeter Cornwall presented his findings on his analysis of sightings and strandings data held by Cornwall Wildlife Trust.  Jan Loveridge, Strandings Co-ordinator for the MSN described the notable findings from the last 12 months strandings in Cornwall, and Rob Deaville from the Institute of Zoology’s Cetacean Strandings Investigation Project gave an update on the national programme and how Cornwall’s data fits in.  He thanked the volunteers and the Trust for their hard work and described the Network as a role model for other organisations.

 One volunteer said, “Its fantastic being part of such a great team and feeling like you can put something back. Its great coming to this forum each year to find out what use the data we have all collected has been put to and to meet other like-minded people.  This year’s event was the best yet!”

An email from India

Hi All

We’ve just got this email from Henri, in India. She’s visiting our cotton growers and manufacturers.

During the trip they have popped in to the Orphanage that we are helping to support.

 We thought that we’d share it.


We’ve just literally come back in from the orphanage – it was amazing! we’re all really really proud to be involved even if it’s only in a small way…they’re such great kids, all learning english, going to school, and just so so sweet. Adam and the girls absolutely loved it – really inspiring, and i think we’re all a little bit overwhelmed really. wish you could have come along too…but i’m sure you’ll be over soon enough!
There were about 20 of them there, another 40 at school, college etc – two real tiny tots – a 2 and half year old boy (quite literally a quarter the size of sam) and a little 5 year old girl the same size cos she’s got growth problems – so cute though…was thinking we could smuggle them into our bags when we come home? And the older kids were really lovely, one going to college doing bio-technology bsc, another doing IT, and really good people – looking after all the younger ones etc.
H xx

Timber Cord Cargos (Charcoal)

Wilf in Frugi's lined cord cargo trousers
Wilf in Frugi's lined cord cargo trousers











The thing with cord trousers is they can go brittle after washing and you’re not so much folding them as snapping them in half to put them away. Not so with these wonderfully soft cargos. They have remained soft after repeated washed and look great!

The Charcoal colour contrast well with the bright blue of the jersey lining which again is soft and feels lovely on the skin. The tousers have some lovey details: cargo pockets on each leg with butonned flap (by the way, I have never had a button come off a Frugi item! They are securely stiched aand not hanging by a thread after two wears!); hip pockets, belt loops, adjustable toggle at the waist and zig-zag stitching on one of the back pockets, the flaps of which are also lined with a flash of vibrant blue.

I like the waist band on these too. There  are three bands of elastic within the jersey so the waistband is broad and soft. Manny never has and red or pink marks which can sometimes happen with harsher materials or restrictive waist bands.

Yup, definitely a fan of these! Manny wears them with lots of different tops but it looks particularly great with the Paw Paw Layered Top and the Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket – either side looks fab!


Reviewed by G. Baker Frugi customer and Crusader

Adam Gibbard Photography

Shooting for frugi In India


Preparations are now underway for a pretty amazing job.

I’m off to India next week with the frugi team to cover the entire production process of Organic children’s clothing. Were starting on the farm were the cotton grows (i’m quite worried about the tigers) and all the other stages that go to creating a beautiful and ethical clothing.

We are going to be highlighting some issues that you may not be aware of such the effect of nasty GM farming on our lovely organic cotton farms, and the indian cotton industry as a whole. We will also be covering some of the amazing work that Frugi helps to do within the communities which they work with. We will be visiting the orphans that frugi are helping to put through education and visionary fairtrade communities. So if I don’t get eaten by a tiger expect to see some very real images on this page soon.

Working with Frugi is just fantastic, fact.

Frugi UK retail brand of the year?

Dear all

We’re all of a quiver here at Frugi towers today.

We’ve just been told, by the company that helped us with our re-brand from Cut4Cloth to Frugi – Absolute design, that we’re up for UK retail brand of the year at the benchmark awards

That’s pretty cool.

Well done Absolute, and well done to all of our ‘Tomorrow’ team for their ongoing brilliance!

Fingers crossed!!!


Flutterby Cord Pinafore Dress

Frugi Flutterby cord pinafore dress
Frugi Flutterby cord pinafore dress

My youngest doesn’t get many new clothes,  she is mostly in hand-me-downs (mostly  Frugi/cut4cloth hand downs which do seem to wash and wear very well), so this dress was a real treat for her.

It is a perfect little dress and my 18 month old looks very cute in it.  It’s easy to dress her in, looks super comfy and as you say in the description, it’s girly but without being pink.

It’s washing well and after a  few washes there are no problmes to report.   The buttons at the front would have been a big plus with my eldest who disliked  having anything over her head,It’s got loads of room for cloth nappies and general wriggling.   It’s the kind of dress that doesn’t look out of place  for day to day wear, but at the same time looks great for more special occasions.   I love this dress so much that dd will be wearing it when the photograper visits her big sisters nursery next moth.

In summary – I love this dress.

Reviewd by D.Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

Dot to Dot Tights

Girl wearing Frugi dot to dot tights
Girl wearing Frugi dot to dot tights

 Having not purchased Frugi tightsbefore I was amazed at how soft and stretcy these are.  They fitted over my daughters cloth nappy much easier than other brands of  tights and they felt so much softer too.

As tights are in direct contact with the skin, the fact they are organic is a big plus.   The quality of these tight is very high and I can’t believe the difference between these and our usual brand. Frugi  tights are so much softer!

These looked great with the Flutterby dress and where set to be worn and worn again, however we have a bog hold in them.  Not sure how, I think they have just  got snagged on something.

I’m a bit sad that these  can no longer we worn,  but will order another pair as soon as a get chance.   

(Just been looking to order a new set and noticed that 2-3 is the smallest size.  ( I was sure the pair we where sent where 18 -24 months – have a missed something?)

 Review by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

(Girls tights here 2-6yrs, baby girls tights here 0-2yrs)