Frugi go to Bubble London

One we made earlier
Which way?

The ‘Creative’ people in the ‘Tomorrow’ department, here at Frugi towers, have been busy little bunnies this week.

You see we’re off to a trade show, in London, and in order to compete with the ‘big boys’ we have to have a stand that looks great! Unfortunately, we can’t just write a massive cheque and get a professional firm to do this for us, so we have to do what we can.

Lauren and sewing machine
Well done Lauren, you're a sewing machine star!

Lauren has made up some lovely fluffy characters, that will be appearing in our new Spring catalogue. Henri and Nathan have been working on an amazing backdrop and the Frugi sign.

Fran and Abigail have sorted all the clothes, steamed them and got stuff ready. Mark and Derek have collected the Van, lugged boxes around and generally done ‘Man’ stuff!!

White Van Frugi woman
You're only supposed to blow the doors off!!

Dominique has been holding the fort and dealing with all consumer orders, in her usual brilliant way, and Anna has been doing a grand job with our manufacturers and sticking and glueing. Lucy has been smiling a lot!

It’s been like Blue Peter around here, and it’s been great fun.

We don’t say it enough but thank you, thank you little Frugi beings.

It is a pleasure to be working alongside such bright, talented, enthusiastic and motivated people.


Frugi, Jamie Oliver and 15 Cornwall

Hey, our Anna is a TV celeb!!

We had the cameras over to talk about our partnership with Jamie Oliver’s 15 Cornwall restaurant.

(We’ve done a great range of organic t-shirts and an apron with them)

Anna did the talking, and we all tried to act natural and keep the noise down.

Catch Anna before she does a ‘Britian’s got talent’ on us and starts saying, “Daaaarling” alot and calling for her “People”.

Click HERE to see her shine.

Busy little Frugi bunnies

Dear all

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of you’re lovely comments recently. It’s been bonkers busy here at Frugi towers this week, trying to catch up on the backlog of orders from Christmas and the new year what with the bad weather and all!

The roads are still slippery, but we’re all in and packing the parcels as fast as we can.

The sale is still on, so if you fancy a bargain!!


Living the Frugi dream

A big welcome to Abigail, who has relocated from Scotland to sunny Cornwall to ‘work’ here at Frugi towers. (Not that Scotland isn’t sunny you understand…)

Her job is to assist Lauren in the measuring, detailing and general getting things right that goes on to make Frugi clothes. As we grow as a company, it’s great to see talented people joining us and helping to make our organic cotton clothes even more special!

That’s the joy of Frugi. At every stage we’ve strived to be better, in everything we do. To listen and learn and to act upon what we hear. Of course, the old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time is true. We get conflicting emails and phone calls from customers all the time. Some say that we do too much of such and such, and then aother customer saying that we don’t do enough of it. But we try our best.

It’s an exciting, dynamic and brilliant time for us. And…it’s Christmas too!!!!  (A big Ho! Ho! Ho! from us all).

So, welcome Abigail. Our latest, “Brilliant” person. You’ll get to know us at the Christmas Party – baptism of fire!!

An email from India

Hi All

We’ve just got this email from Henri, in India. She’s visiting our cotton growers and manufacturers.

During the trip they have popped in to the Orphanage that we are helping to support.

 We thought that we’d share it.


We’ve just literally come back in from the orphanage – it was amazing! we’re all really really proud to be involved even if it’s only in a small way…they’re such great kids, all learning english, going to school, and just so so sweet. Adam and the girls absolutely loved it – really inspiring, and i think we’re all a little bit overwhelmed really. wish you could have come along too…but i’m sure you’ll be over soon enough!
There were about 20 of them there, another 40 at school, college etc – two real tiny tots – a 2 and half year old boy (quite literally a quarter the size of sam) and a little 5 year old girl the same size cos she’s got growth problems – so cute though…was thinking we could smuggle them into our bags when we come home? And the older kids were really lovely, one going to college doing bio-technology bsc, another doing IT, and really good people – looking after all the younger ones etc.
H xx

Timber Cord Cargos (Charcoal)

Wilf in Frugi's lined cord cargo trousers
Wilf in Frugi's lined cord cargo trousers











The thing with cord trousers is they can go brittle after washing and you’re not so much folding them as snapping them in half to put them away. Not so with these wonderfully soft cargos. They have remained soft after repeated washed and look great!

The Charcoal colour contrast well with the bright blue of the jersey lining which again is soft and feels lovely on the skin. The tousers have some lovey details: cargo pockets on each leg with butonned flap (by the way, I have never had a button come off a Frugi item! They are securely stiched aand not hanging by a thread after two wears!); hip pockets, belt loops, adjustable toggle at the waist and zig-zag stitching on one of the back pockets, the flaps of which are also lined with a flash of vibrant blue.

I like the waist band on these too. There  are three bands of elastic within the jersey so the waistband is broad and soft. Manny never has and red or pink marks which can sometimes happen with harsher materials or restrictive waist bands.

Yup, definitely a fan of these! Manny wears them with lots of different tops but it looks particularly great with the Paw Paw Layered Top and the Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket – either side looks fab!


Reviewed by G. Baker Frugi customer and Crusader

Blushing Blossom Tiered Skirt


Cool - Frugi Blushing Blossom tiered Skirt

 My first impression was that this was another good quality, soft and hard wearing Frugi Skirt

 It fitted my daughter well and it looks adorable when teamed with leggings and the knitted swing cardigan.  However, on days when it has been too warm for a cardigan, I have really struggled to find any tops that don’t clash with the skirts many patterns.  This may just be that we tend to have plain skirts and trousers and patterned tops in our house and I can easily remedy this by purchasing the Frugi long sleeve T-shirt pack, but just thought it was worth noting.

The skirt  itself has not been as popular in our house as the other Frugi skirts have been, but never the less my daughter is happy to wear it and the soft unrestricting nature of this skirt means she is free to climb or jump  or do whatever she is doing without any restrictions.

One of the best things is how easy this skirt is for a child to put on themselves, perfect for encouraging independence in this age group.


Reviewed by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

Frugi win GOLD for our Diva Dress in Practical Parenting awards

Amazing News!!!  We’ve won GOLD for the Diva Dress in Practical Parenting Magazines’ awards…!!!  Yipppeee!  It will be featured in Nov’s magazine…
We’re all pretty chuffed that one of our Frugi mother items has won an award. It’s a great endorsement, and I’m sure that you’ll all be hearing more about it in the coming weeks.


And it's gold for Frugi
And it's gold for Frugi

Introducing Frugi

Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Frugi.

We design, manufacture and sell the best organic cotton baby and children’s clothes in the world.

We are small. Small enough to care about every aspect of our business, and not just say that we do.

We love Frugi, with a passion.

We’d love to gain your trust, and have the privilege of your support.

If you’d like to find out how we came to arrive at this place then click  here, and we’ll tell you our story.

Many thanks for your time.

Team Frugi