We’re off to Bubble London


See what I did


We’re all busy, busy busy here at Frugi HQ getting ready to go to the Bubble trade show in London this weekend! There’s lot’s to do, and no-one can wriggle their way out of it!

There’s sewing, stuffing, cutting, painting, carpentry, clothes steaming, van-hiring, Roskilly’s fudge (yum)…and lots more to do! Unfortunately, it’s not for us to eat …although we did see Stephen coming out of the staff room yesterday looking a little bit like the cat who got the cream…!

Everyone’s working on props and decorations to make our Frugi stand look amazing, to entice lots of new and existing retailers to Planet Frugi- and that’ll hopefully mean that there will be even more shops all over the planet selling scrummy Frugi goodies in the spring! If you’re really lucky, there might be some new Frugi stockists near you.

Say hello to them on stand A1 if you’re a potential Frugi retailer, and have a butchers at AW11 and SS12

Good luck everybody, and we look forward to hearing all about it next week.

Spring is in the air at Frugi

It’s been a lovely sunny day, here at Frugi HQ today.

We’ve had the big doors to the warehouse open for the first time in I don’t know how long. The cobwebs have been blown away, and we’re good to go again.

Lots of stuff going on, on our facebook pages at the moment http://www.facebook.com/welovefrugi

Also twitter is quite busy – come find us at @Frugi

We’re all having a think how to best use our Cut4Cloth site going forwards, as we may be integrating the blog into our main site www.welovefrugi.com

Maybe a forum for cloth nappies or organic cotton clothes. Mums-to-be and nursing mums. Or a big directory devoted to ethical business?

Lots to think about and great plans ahead.



Living the Frugi dream

A big welcome to Abigail, who has relocated from Scotland to sunny Cornwall to ‘work’ here at Frugi towers. (Not that Scotland isn’t sunny you understand…)

Her job is to assist Lauren in the measuring, detailing and general getting things right that goes on to make Frugi clothes. As we grow as a company, it’s great to see talented people joining us and helping to make our organic cotton clothes even more special!

That’s the joy of Frugi. At every stage we’ve strived to be better, in everything we do. To listen and learn and to act upon what we hear. Of course, the old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time is true. We get conflicting emails and phone calls from customers all the time. Some say that we do too much of such and such, and then aother customer saying that we don’t do enough of it. But we try our best.

It’s an exciting, dynamic and brilliant time for us. And…it’s Christmas too!!!!  (A big Ho! Ho! Ho! from us all).

So, welcome Abigail. Our latest, “Brilliant” person. You’ll get to know us at the Christmas Party – baptism of fire!!

Tractor Applique Envelope Top

Lovely thick organic cotton makes this topTractor Top a standout for me – it’s much thicker than your average t-shirt, so great for chilly Autumn or Winter days.  The envelope neck makes it easy to get over my baby’s head without tears and screaming (from me or him!)
The tractor applique is a striking addition, and unlike other applique tops I’ve owned in the past (not Frugi ones), the applique is stitched on firmly and doesn’t unravel or pull off.  
Overall it’s a great little top, and I’m going to be tempted to buy it again in the next size up when this one is grown out of!
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Mountain Biker Applique Top

Mountain Biker TopThis top is such a great colour!  Forgive me for saying it, but as the mum of two boys I get ever so bored with only ever having blue or brown clothes in their wardrobes.  A lovely bright red really stands out while still being boyish.  The mountain bike applique is a really neat design, and it’s made more striking by being off-centre, a feature I really like.  Once again the fabric is unusually thick organic cotton, which means it’s perfect for chilly days.
I dress my son in this top every time we go to a very crowded playgroup on Wednesday mornings – the colour means I can always spot him amongst 50 other toddlers, and I get so many compliments on it from the other mums.
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Flutterby Top

Flutterby TopAnother beautiful t-shirt with an incredibly generous applique design. The soft blue-grey colour really suits my little girl and matches well with all her other Frugi clobber. I was a little worried the first time it came out of the washing machine – the applique design had puckered the t-shirt up, but after a gentle iron it was back to as-new quality.
Reviewed By Lois L – Frugi Crusader

Amazing Grape Pull Ups

Frugi model in Amazing grape pull ups
Frugi model in Amazing grape pull ups


A perfect choice for a very active baby who is crawling and climbing everywhere but has not yet mastered walking! 

Soft, great quality, a good fit around the waist and very easy to get on and get off.  Because of the wide (yet comfy) bottoms I found I needed to dress my daughter in thick socks that I could pull a long way up her leg as on a colder chilly day these trousers could be a little drafty!

Reviewed by B. Struthers – Frugi customer and crusader

Princess Pea Smock Top


Frugi's organic cotton smock top and cord trousers
Frugi's organic cotton smock top and cord trousers


Well, I have bought several of these tops in the last year for my baby daughter and this one does not disappoint! 

Great colours and a perfect addition to the wardrobe for this winter as it has full length sleeves and can comfortably be worn with an equally lovely Frugi vest with room to spare for a cardi over the top. 

I think my 11 month old looks great in this and the concensus from those who have seen her in it is that they think the same too!

Reviewed by B. Struthers – Frugi customer and crusader

Blushing Blossom Tiered Skirt


Cool - Frugi Blushing Blossom tiered Skirt

 My first impression was that this was another good quality, soft and hard wearing Frugi Skirt

 It fitted my daughter well and it looks adorable when teamed with leggings and the knitted swing cardigan.  However, on days when it has been too warm for a cardigan, I have really struggled to find any tops that don’t clash with the skirts many patterns.  This may just be that we tend to have plain skirts and trousers and patterned tops in our house and I can easily remedy this by purchasing the Frugi long sleeve T-shirt pack, but just thought it was worth noting.

The skirt  itself has not been as popular in our house as the other Frugi skirts have been, but never the less my daughter is happy to wear it and the soft unrestricting nature of this skirt means she is free to climb or jump  or do whatever she is doing without any restrictions.

One of the best things is how easy this skirt is for a child to put on themselves, perfect for encouraging independence in this age group.


Reviewed by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader